Guru Randhawa

Since 2009, TMU has been hosting one of India’s biggest University cultural fests, ROCK-ON. This star-studded event proudly showcases eminent singers and dancers, mesmerising the audience with their extraordinary talents. Held in March 2023, the University featured the sensational performances of popular Punjabi singers, Guru Randhawa, Afsana Khan, and Saaj [...]


TMU, a bastion of art and culture, echoes our rich heritage through events like “Paramapara,” a splendid cultural extravaganza. We have hosted the prestigious Parampara convention twice in collaboration with Breathing Arts. Indian art, dance, and theatre take center stage with Anurag Chauhan’s Breathing Arts (organising partner). Prominent maestros of international acclaim have graced the TMU campus. These include Pt. Shubendra Rao, Ustad Murad Ali Khan, [...]


TMU ‘Kavi Sammelan’ is a celebration of poetic brilliance. Renowned poets like Dr Hari Om Panwar, Shri Mansoor Usmani, and Ms Shabina Adeeb mesmerise the audience with their evocative words. In the past, the university had witnessed luminaries like Dr Vishnu Saxena, Aman Akshar, Hemant Pandey, Shweta Singh, Arjun Sisodia, and Sarvesh Asthana. It becomes an enchanting rendezvous of poetic expressions & literary finesse. TMU Kavi Sammelan is truly an unforgettable experience that left an indelible mark on our hearts.


Paryushan Parv is a significant Jain festival joyously celebrated every year at TMU. It holds a special place and marks a time of self-reflection & compassion. Cultural activities during the ten-day event foster unity among students and faculty. Adorned with divine fervour, it includes processions and soulful flash mobs dancing to sacred songs, creating an atmosphere of joy. TMU Paryushan Parv is a cherished tradition, nurturing spiritual growth and camaraderie among all.

Glimpse of Cultural Events