Foundation Day 14th September

14th September marks as the Founding Day of the Teerthanker Mahaveer University. So to share and reconnect TMU family with its vision that was started 12 years back in 2008, a small video conferencing session was organised where founding members Chancellor Shri Suresh Jain & Group Vice Chairman Shri Manish Jain spoke about their dream of making the university a desired educational hub on global level.

The university in its journey of 12 years has received tremendously great response and admiration for its exceptionally curated curriculum, world class infrastructure and qualified staff at the disposal for the students.

And on this occasion the founders reminisced about the challenges and the qualitative growth TMU has brought in the lives of thousands of students and strengthened their will on continuing to do so even in the future by bettering our best.

The virtual video was attended by BOG Mr. Akshat Jain who shared his take on advancing the university to the goals with the new lens of his vision. His views were appreciated by many & majorly liked by the students.
The conference was attended by students, teaching and administrative staff members of the Teerthanker Mahaveer University family.