Sports at TMU

Sports and fitness is an integral part of the University which provides a network of facilities, inducing opportunities for sports participation at all levels, and provides a chance to its students to take part in a wide range of sports pursuits. Services of the students of the University are sought for various inter school, district, state and national level tournaments as officials and referees in Volleyball, Tennis Cricket and Marshal Arts. State-of- the-art sports facilities are available in the University to ensure all round development of the students.

Sports Labs

Besides sports facilities various sports labs like Anatomy, Physiology & health education. Human performance, Physiotherapy, Athletic Care & Rehabilitation and Sports Psychology Laboratory are available in the University.

Physiotherapy Clinic

The clinic provides a range of services to help manage pain, improve performance and prevent injury. It offers physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports massage.

Dietary Policy

The University has a provision of special diet plan for the sportspersons according to the requirement of the type of sports. The plan is provided to the various messes of the University which takes care of the special dietary requirements of the sportspersons.

Sports Scholarship

In order to attract and reward the talented sports persons as well as enhance the standards of sports, the University offers Sports Scholarship for the various programs at different colleges.

Sports Infrastructure of the University

The University provides a combination of outdoor and indoor opportunities including facilities for cricket, football, basketball, volleyball etc. to the sports enthusiasts.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

The University has a Cricket stadium and pavilion par excellence. Twenty turf wickets of the University comply with the international standards and have hosted prestigious tournaments like Ranaji Trophy and Cooch Behar Tournament.

There is a football field in the campus which recently witnessed the participation of eighteen teams in Inter Region Football Championship leading to selections in the prestigious Santosh Trophy.

There are facilities for kho-kho, hockey and kabaddi. Facilities for combative sports are in place in the University. Sports facilities for track and field athletics are available in the University which are used for daily training as well as for staging regional or local competitions. There is a 400m standard track used for athletics.

Indoor Sports Complex

The University houses an indoor sports complex wherein the students can hone up their sports skills. Excellent indoor facilities are available in the indoor sports complex for table-tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, yoga, squash, tennis, and skating. There is a state-of- the-art gymnasium having sophisticated equipment.

Important Sports Events Organized by the University

The University keeps organizing and hosting sports events from time to time so as to provide majority of the students an opportunity to learn. Witnessing these kinds of events in the University campus provides the students a broader horizon to imbibe the important lessons of sports.

Glimpse of Sports Event