From the Desk of Vice Chancellor


The statement "your future will be decided by what you do today" is so apt for everyone joining TMU. Your destiny will be shaped by what you do during the years you are with us. It’s important to differentiate between earning a degree & learning. The academic processes of TMU are tailored to learning and skill development. Many years ago Albert Einstein said "the purpose of education is to develop thinking" and similarly Herbert Simon stated "learning occurs from what the student does & thinks".

The biggest challenge for both institutions and students is to take a detour from the traditional approach of rote learning & written examination which emphasized, for too long, recall & memorization. This approach stifled learning & creativity in universities. For decades, we have been functioning in classrooms like a trans-receiver system and evaluating students through "direct & single correct answer" questions which never tested learning & thinking. It was a test of memory.

We can assure you a different experience in TMU where you will be confronted to deal with real life problem situations. You will spend

good amount of time in doing and thinking. The academic processes in TMU will equip you with skills & higher order thinking to deal with both professional & personal lives. We have well structured programme delivery mechanism which assures learning and well rounded personality.

I am sure your experience will be unique & quite enriching thus preparing you to face real life challenges in the future.

We will make you to dream big & shape you to realize your dreams. However, this would entail togetherness & cohesion among you, members of the faculty & the university.

The university will facilitate support & guide you but actual “doing” & efforts have to be on your part which is the “most essential” to realize your dreams.

Wishing you all the best.

Prof. Raghuvir Singh