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Research and Development Center at Teerthanker Mahaveer University is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to research, education, industrial collaborations, outreach, and service. The center aims to combine Science, Engineering and cutting edge technology with green, sustainable, equitable and environment-friendly design to deliver innovative and holistic services to the world.

The mission of the Research and Development Center (RDC) is to enhance and fortify basic research and expand the advance research by bringing together young and leading researchers, faculty members, scientists, engineers, and graduate students from across multidisciplinary research areas in the emerging field of Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Pharmacy, Medical, and health sectors.

    The Research and Development Center’s mission is comprised of the following objectives:

  1. Conduct world-class scientific research areas which are multidisciplinary in nature, long-term in outlook, and open to the unknown territories.
  2. Technology transfer of research results to the industry and society.
  3. Sharing latest knowledge with the students, researchers, faculty members, scientific community, media and the general public.
  4. Train undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, school teachers, and faculty members who in turn will be world-class experts thorough research activities.
  5. Serve as a hub to create technological synergies with faculty members and experts around the world.
  6. Open Research Lab and Workshop facilities for Retired Professors, Scientists, and Engineers.
  7. MOU with National and International Universities and Research Laboratories and Industries.
  8. Developing Students Exchange Programs.
  9. Promoting women researchers to avail the national and international scholarships and scheme.
  10. Promoting ethics in research.

The Research and Development Center has published several research papers in reputed international journals with high impact factors. The Center is currently focusing on research in the areas of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry and Engineering, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Cheminformatics, Nuclear and Particle Physics and Astrophysics. The Center continually develops collaborations with national and international organizations to foster interdisciplinary research.

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Dr. Souvik Sur

Assistant Professor
Research & Development Center