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Progressively evolving globalised community and the dynamic nature of contemporary competitive environment requires competent professionals who are capable of challenging the status quo. This in turn requires a relook on the conventional ways of imparting higher education in the country. As academic leaders and higher education administrators, we carry the responsibility to look beyond just classroom teaching supplemented with a couple of practical/laboratory hours. Regular inputs in the shape of interdisciplinary exposure, soft skills, liberal choice of courses, flexible schedules, community and social service, extension activities etc. have become the order of the day to prepare a complete professional having adequate social relevance.

TMU has adopted all this in its functioning and works beyond just building awe-inspiring physical infrastructure by developing a campus culture that treasures skilled learning providing ample opportunities of real life experiences thus enhancing proficiency and superiority of our students. We are relentlessly geared for continuous up-gradation of our resources and leverage emerging technologies to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

All our programmes of study as well as their delivery mechanism and learning outcomes are designed to channelise the bubbling energy of today's youth to groom them to take-on all challenges of life.

I invite you to be a part of this vibrant culture and realise your dreams by contributing to socio-economic transformation of the global society.

Dr. Vivek Raman