Policies & SOP’s



Green Policy

The University recognizes it’s role, which it needs to play in developing the environment stewardship of its staff, students and visitors and to integrated the principles of sustainability into activities and services.

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Incentive Policy

Rules and regulations for financial assistance to faculty for the promotion of research and to students for participation in extra-curricular activities.

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Tour Policy

The University believes that there is a life beyond classroom and some of the most important lessons in life are taught by nature. Therefore, in order to broaden the horizon of the students and draw them out of their comfort zone to face...

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IT Policy

The computing resources at Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) University support the educational, instructional, research, and administrative activities of the University and the use of these resources is a privilege that is extended...

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HR Policy

The Employee Handbook has been developed to provide general guidelines about TMU’s policies and procedures for employees. It is a guide to assist you in becoming familiar with some of the privileges and obligations of employment.

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Transport Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Transport activities are managed effectively to ensure compliance with International Standard, the Government’s statutory policies and TMU’s transport procedures and regulations.

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Maintenance Policy

University has established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing Physical, Academic and support facilities. University has regular maintenance and periodic replenishment of essential facilities.

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Fire SOP

To lay down instructions for Fire Prevention for strict implementation by all personnel of the University in the Campus and Hostels managed and run by the University and also lay down procedure to be followed in the event of any outbreak...

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Security SOP

Standard operating procedures for security guards help maintain an effective work environment by clearly outlining the policies and uniform procedures that security guards should adopt and apply to their daily work.

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Hostel SOP

Hostel is like a home for the students in campus. Accordingly the students should be facilitated by the all utility services facilities, food essential commodities, sports and events and hygienic environment for residing in the hostel.

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