TMU Bidding Farewell to B.Sc.-B.Ed. (Int.) Batch-2020

The farewell ceremony for the 2020 B.Sc.-B.Ed. (Int.) Batch at Teerthanker Mahaveer University was a memorable event. Organised by the Faculty of Education, it was a heartfelt occasion to bid farewell to the graduating students. Both students and faculty gathered sharing emotions and memories as they said goodbye to the graduating class of 2020.

Honouring Distinguished Guests

Leading the event was the esteemed presence of Dr. Kalpna Jain, Principal of TMIMT College of Education, TMU, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The Faculty of Education, represented by Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain, hosted the ceremony with pride and warmth. Among the distinguished guests were luminaries such as Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jain and Dr. Ashok Kumar Lakhera, each bringing their wisdom and experience to enrich the proceedings.

Purpose of the Event

Here, senior students took centre stage, sharing the invaluable lessons garnered over their four-year journey with their juniors. Dr. Kalpna Jain and Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain, in their insightful addresses, highlighted the profound significance of embracing teaching as not just a profession, but a noble calling.

Emotional Farewell Address

Dr. Kalpna Jain's words resonated deeply within the hearts of all present, as she spoke of teaching as a vocation—one that demands dedication, compassion, and steadfast commitment. Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain reiterated her sentiments, reflecting on the role of educators as mentors and guides, entrusted with the task of shaping young minds.

Details of the Event

The farewell ceremony was not merely an event; it was a collection of cherished memories and heartfelt farewells. From memorable performances to competitive fervour, the event encapsulated the essence of companionship and friendship. Special recognitions such as Mr. and Miss Farewell, Lady of Eve, Man of Eve, Mr. Dashing Hunk, and Ms. Graceful added a touch of nostalgia, immortalising the bonds forged within the B.Sc.-B.Ed.(Int.) programme. The event was not only marked by heartfelt speeches but also by memorable performances and competitions organised by the juniors. The ceremony served as a platform for senior students to share their enriching four-year journey with their juniors, fostering a sense of continuity and mentorship within the faculty. 

Significance of the Event

The farewell ceremony for the B.Sc.-B.Ed.(Int.) Batch 2020 at Teerthanker Mahaveer University reflected the enduring spirit of camaraderie and mentorship within the academic community. As the graduating students embark on their journey as educators, they carry with them the invaluable lessons and memories shared during their time at the university.


Q1:- What was the main focus of Dr Kalpna Jain's address at the farewell ceremony?

Ans:- Dr. Kalpna Jain emphasised the noble calling of teaching, urging prospective teachers to embrace their roles with dedication and compassion.


Q2:- Who were some of the notable guests present at the event?

Ans:- Notable guests included Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain, Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jain, and Dr. Ashok Kumar Lakhera.


Q3:- What role did senior students play in the ceremony?

Ans:- Senior students shared their four-year journey with their juniors, fostering a sense of continuity and mentorship within the faculty.


Q4:-What were some of the special recognitions given during the event?

Ans:- Special recognitions included Mr. and Miss Farewell, Lady of Eve, Man of Eve, Mr. Dashing Hunk, and Ms. Graceful.


Q5 :- How can one obtain more information about the event?

Ans:- For more information, follow TMU’s social media channels