Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Pharmacy owing to it's tradition had a freshers party conducted on the campus grounds. The seniors taking in the reign for organizing a great fresher party came up with creative ways to make this fresher party a memorable one for their juniors.

The juniors were all presented with roses at the entrance of the auditorium. An introduction session for the juniors was done after a humorous start. To loosen up the ambience the seniors presented a small act of the future life the juniors would be experiencing at the college.

The light ambience helped the juniors open up and relax to the limelight they were receiving all along.

After the small introduction ceremony of the juniors, the stage was amped up with fabulous performances, each surpassing the other. The commentary in between also spiced up the interaction with the juniors.

Amidst this interaction verbal games and leg pulling was done to keep the atmosphere lighter and everyone intrigued. Small gifts and presents were given to the winners of these small games.

The juniors trying to match with their seniors also presented their talent and received many praises from both the seniors and the teachers present.

In all the entire evening was made memorable for the juniors, leaving the seniors happy for all the efforts they took to pull off a great show.

At the end of the program the awaited Mister & Miss Fresher results were announced and the winners were crowned on the stage by the hands of the chief guests.