KINESIA 2024: Cultural Fest at Teerthanker Mahaveer University

KINESIA 2024, the annual cultural fest organised by the Department of Physiotherapy at Teerthanker Mahaveer University, was a celebration of creativity, talent, and the spirit of companionship. This three-day event aimed to provide students with a platform to showcase their artistic flair and performing skills while emphasising the importance of extracurricular activities in holistic education.

Event Details

The event was hosted by Ms. Samarpita Senapati, Ms. Neelam Chauhan, and Ms. Himani, Assistant Professors from the Department of Physiotherapy. Among the esteemed attendees were Dean Academics Prof. Dr. Manjula Jain, Mrs. Shivanee M. Kaul Honourable HOD (Department of Physiotherapy), Mr. Ravindra Dev Honourable HOD (College of Fine Arts), Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra Honourable Principal (Faculty Of Education), faculty members, and all students of the Physiotherapy Department.

Aim of KINESIA 2024

The primary objective of KINESIA 2024 was to ignite the creativity and performing skills of students while integrating the significance of extracurricular activities into their academic journey. By fostering a culture of innovation and expression, the event aimed to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped for success beyond the classroom.

Activities and Competitions

The fest commenced with a series of creativity competitions, including Nail Art, Mehendi Designing, Mandala Art, Doodling, and Face Painting. These competitions provided students with a platform to explore their artistic talents under the guidance of Mr Ravindra Dev, Head Of Department, College of Fine Arts. The following day featured an array of food stalls, games, DJ sessions, and a Best Out of Waste Exhibition, drawing enthusiastic participation from students and faculty alike. The culmination of KINESIA 2024 witnessed captivating performances in dance and music competitions, with Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra, Principal of the Faculty Of Education, serving as the adjudicator.

Student Participation

The success of KINESIA 2024 was attributed to the active participation and wholehearted involvement of students. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and talent were on full display throughout the event, creating an atmosphere of excitement and energy. From intricate art pieces to mesmerising performances, students showcased their diverse skills and passions, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Event Success

KINESIA 2024 was a resounding success, embodying the vibrancy and creativity inherent in the student community at Teerthanker Mahaveer University. Through a myriad of activities and competitions, the event not only provided a platform for self-expression but also highlighted the importance of extracurricular engagement in holistic education. As the curtains drew close on this three-day fest, the legacy of KINESIA 2024 continued to inspire and motivate students to pursue their passions and aspirations. 

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1. What is the significance of KINESIA 2024?

Ans. KINESIA 2024 serves as a platform for students to showcase their creativity and talent while emphasising the importance of extracurricular activities in education.

2. How were the winners determined in the competitions?

Ans. Winners in the competitions were determined based on the evaluation of judges, who assessed the creativity, skill, and originality of participants' submissions or performances.

3. Who attended the event besides the students?

Ans. The event was attended by faculty members, including Dean Academics Prof. Dr. Manjula Jain, and distinguished guests such as HODs and Principals from various departments.

4. What were the main highlights of the three-day fest?

Ans. The main highlights included creativity competitions, food stalls, games, DJ sessions, Best Out of Waste Exhibition, and captivating performances in dance and music competitions.

5. How did KINESIA 2024 contribute to the university's culture?

Ans. KINESIA 2024 fostered a culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, enriching the university experience and nurturing well-rounded individuals.