World Health Day is celebrated worldwide to create awareness about specific health issues that need closer attention globally. Teerthanker Mahaveer University's College of Nursing also celebrated World Health Day with a theme of 'Building a fairer, healthier world' as a part of "Mindful Meditation Session." The session took place at the multipurpose hall of the NSS unit.
The event aimed to educate and provide guided meditation sessions that will alleviate stress and enhance thought processes, and further influence the productivity of life. Meditation / yogic practices have proven as a skilful method to improve health on physical and mental level. Hence on the world health day the college concluded on teaching students meditation.
TMU, with its fleet of colleges, practices methods that are not just academically apt but would assist in shaping the students to being responsible citizens. TMU's College of Nursing specifically dotes on nurturing sensitive health care professionals and takes relative measures for it, so it ranks as a top institute and is a popular choice amongst students.
The session began with an introductory speech by Mr. Pramod Kumar, Assistant professor, NSS program officer, TMCON. Mr. Shubham Sidhu, Ms. Akanksha Sharma, along with B.P.Ed. students from TMIMT College of Physical Education started the session.
The session had a demonstration of how to meditate & maintain body posture while sitting/ working on a chair. It also included various techniques of maintaining the body posture, and meditational positions were practiced. After the session, a speech on the importance of health was elaborated by Mr. Unmesh Utthasani, Assistant Professor, TMIMT College of Physical Education.
The program ended with a vote of thanks given by Mr. Pramod Kumar, Principal (TMCON) Prof. Shreenath Kisanrao Kulkarni also briefly explained the necessity of good health, especially given the current pandemic situation. He extended his gratitude to TMIMT College of Physical Education for such a smooth and successful completion of the event.
Teerthanker Mahaveer University has multiple programs concerning the health care domain & to grow these students into influential professionals, mixed sessions of different programs are regularly held.