The students of Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Pharmacy bid a lovely farewell party to their seniors on 16-06-2014.

The party was organized at College premises by the juniors so as to make their seniors have great memories of their farewell.

Arrangements of music and dhol was done during which the seniors were presented with a dynamic welcome by offering them the spunk of dance and the grace of a rose presented at the entrance of the hall. The seniors enjoying the beats of the dhol danced at the entrance and made their entry in the hall remarkable.

The program began with the junior???s performances dedicated to their seniors. The show was a blast of fun, enjoyment, surprises, games, questions and laughter. The seniors were felicitated with various tags and were made to feel special by presenting a video mapping their journey in the college as a batch.

The entire evening was beautifully organized and enjoyed by both the seniors and the juniors. The seniors also surprised the juniors by sharing various moments they have shared with their dear juniors which left juniors equally emotional yet happy.

The program was a success and it definitely bonded the seniors and juniors much closer than before.