Induction Program-2019

A new session brings a new spirit in the atmosphere of a campus. On the contrary to it, the new entrants feel alienated in this new live space. Hence considering the students perspective UGC recommends institutions to conduct a 3 week long induction programme to warm up the students in a new space.

FOE & CCSIT taking that as an objective of familiarizing the new students with new surrounding conducted a three week induction program for the first years in a 3 week module system.

Week One
Prof. RK Mudgal Vice-Chancellor, TMU being the chief guest inaugurated the induction ceremony and welcomed the 1st year students to the TMU Family.

The entire week was filled with various educational or entertainment pertaining activities.

Students were asked to showcase their talents and were introduced to their teaching staff along with the campus environment, rules and regulations. Thereafter the students were officially taken on a tour all around the college & campus to make the students familiar about the amenities made available for the students at TMU- hospital, bank, Jinalaya, food court, indoor stadium, gym, Ridhi-Siddhi hall, auditorium, playground etc.

Students enjoyed the indoor stadium the most as the faculty members had arranged few games like musical chair, color call, blind fold etc. by dividing the students in groups. Such simple yet fun games were played so as to make sure that all the students can participate in it.

The students interacted with the heads and coordinating faculty members who enlightened the students regarding the evaluation, and exam system.

Week Two:
The second week was all about the expert talks, lectures and clearing off the doubts of the students. Small activities were also organised for students like poster making competition, mehendi competition, cooking competition to be participated in groups. For the poster competition students were given 3 themes to choose from like Anti-ragging, 73rd Independence, and Human Science Interface.

The cooking competition also received a good response as these young master chefs made sumptuous dishes and showcased their cooking talent. A variety of dishes were made by the students like sandwich, custard, fruit salad, chocolate stuffing, Dahi vada, Irish vegetable salad etc.

The expert talks arranged also had variety of topics like Chemical reactions, Redox reaction in batteries, bleaching, Chandrayaan mission supplemented with Redox reactions delivered by Dr. Asim Ahmad; Thermodynamics and their application in engineering delivered by Dr. Ajay Upadhyay Assistant professor from the Department of Physics; Set Algebra delivered by Dr. Vipin Mathematics; Dr SR Ali, assistant professor at Department of Civil Engineer talked about Green Technology, Green building and Ground water.

Week Three:
The last week of induction was all mixed with fun, entertainment and enlightening activities. Talent hunt was one such activity that made the students exhibit their hidden talent of dance, stand-up comedy, playing instrument, mimicry, acting, etc.

Such activities make sure that the students become socially more active and can be open for better communication and enhance their personality.

Over all development & growth of students is an important agenda at TMU, thereby the colleges under its flagship follow the same virtue. FOE & CCSIT is no different, it exhibits the similar philosophy of the university and tries to ensure the students become successful not just at their curricular level but also enriching themselves with appropriate attitude.

Teaching staff also abides by the college policy to maintain high standard and encourage students for an overall development by participating for extracurricular activities. Due to such discipline in academic and regular conduct FOE & CCSIT is enlisted as one of the best private college for B-tech/ BCA/MCA in Uttar Pradesh & Delhi NCR. All the credit for such success lies with the teachers who take immense efforts of being positive with their methods towards the students.

With such package of entertainment and education the induction ceremony was bound to be a success and an unforgettable memory for the students.