TMDCRC a part of Paryushan Parv

TMDCRC students are promoted to be all rounders, academics is an important aspect for any college students to excel in but cultural & social activities are also important for the development of students. This makes the students have breaks from academics but grows the students as a positive responsible individual. TMDCRC is hence listed as one of the best BDS and MDS colleges and research centers. Students here are given an environment for overall development even though being a private facility TMDCRC ranks among top colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

Paryushan parv is one of the most important holy events in Jainism and is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Teerthanker Mahaveer University every year. Moreover, the university is named after 24th Teerthanker lord Mahaveer hence it becomes more important for the celebration of this holy event to be celebrated at the grandest level. The entire event was organized by Dr. Ankita Jain from TMDCRC under the invaluable support of college Principal Dr. Manish Goyal.

At the end of the cultural program, the participants received a lot of praise from the judges. The first prize was bagged by Dr. Prateek Bumb for his immaculate recitation.

The program ended with few wise words shared for all the audiences stating that sacrificing is more important rather than being greedy and self-centered. Controlling your desires not only leads to an influx of meritorious karma but also absolves one from the bad karma.