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Lab Equipments

# Name of Equipments
1 Dental Chairs as per specification (Pedo chair preferred with micro head hand pieces)
2 Autoclaves having wet and dry cycle, which can achieve 135°C with minimum capacity of 20 liters.
3 Ultrasonic cleaner with minimum capacity 13 liters with mesh bucket with digital timer
4 Needle Burner with syringe cutter
5 Amalgamator
6 Pulp Tester-Digital
7 Rubber dam kit for pedo
8 Apex locator
9 Endo motor with torque control HPs
10 Injectable gutta percha with condensation
11 Digital intra X-ray system with pedo sensor and software
12 Intra Oral Camera with high resolution
13 Scaling instruments
14 Restorative instruments
15 Extraction forceps with Pedo Forceps complete sets
16 Intra-oral X-ray
17 RCT Instruments Kits
18 Diagnostic Kits (Mouth mirror, dental probe, college tweezers)
19 Automatic Developer
20 Plaster dispenser
21 Model Trimmer with diamond disc
22 Model Trimmer with Carborandum disc
23 Welder with soldering attachments
24 Vibrator
25 Heavy duty Lab micro motor with Hps
26 Dental Lathe
27 Steam cleaner
28 Pressure moulding machine
29 Electrically operated Dental Chairs with shadowless lamp, spittoon, 3 way syringe, and motorised suction, micromotor attachment with contra angle miniature handpiece,airotor attachment with miniature handpiece, dental operater stool (40% dental chairs shall be pedo chairs)
30 Pedo extraction forceps sets
31 Autoclaves for bulk instrument sterilization vacuum (Front loading)
32 RVG with intra oral x-ray unit
# Name of Equipments
33 Automatic developer
34 Pulp tester
35 Apex locator
36 Rubber dam kit
37 Injectable GP condenser
38 Endodontic pressure syringe
39 Glass bead sterilizer
40 Spot welder
41 Ultrasonic scalers
42 Needle destroyer
43 Formalin chamber
44 Ultrasonic cleaner capacity 3.5 lts
45 X-ray viewer
46 Amalgamator
47 Plaster dispenser
48 Dental lathe
49 Vibrator
50 Typodonts
51 Soldering unit
52 Band pinching beak pliers
53 Proximal contouring pliers
54 Crown crimping pliers
55 Double beak pliers anterior and posterior
56 Lab micro motor
57 Acryliser
58 Magnifying loupes
59 Conscious sedation unit
60 Pulse oxymeter
61 Phantom head table with attached Light, Airotor and micro motor
62 Computer with internet connection with attached printer and scanner
63 LCD projector
64 Refrigerator