department of

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics




Lab Equipments

# Name of Equipments
1 Electrically operated Dental Chairs with shadowless lamp, spittoon, 3 way syringe, instrument tray and motorized suction, micromotor, airotor attachment with hand pieces
2 ENDOSONIC HANDPIECES – Micro endosonic Tips, retro treatment
3 Mechanised rotary instruments including hand pieces (speed and torque control) and hand instruments various systems
4 Rubber dam kit
5 Autoclaves for bulk instrument sterilization vacuum (Front loading)
6 Autoclaves for hand piece sterilization
7 Apex locators one for every two chairs
8 Pulp tester
9 Equipments for injectable thermoplasticized gutta percha
10 Operating microscopes 3 step or 5 step magnification
11 Surgical endo kits (Microsurgery)
12 Set of hand instruments (specifications required)
13 Sterilizer trays for autoclave
14 Ultrasonic cleaner capacity 3.5 lts
15 Variable Intensity polymerization equipments - VLC units
16 Conventional VLC units one for every two chairs
17 Needle destroyer
# Name of Equipments
18 Magnifying loupes one for students and one for faculty
19 LCD projector
20 Composite kits with different shades and polishing kits
21 Ceramic finishing kits, metal finishing kits
22 Amalgam finishing kits
23 RVG with x-ray machine developing kit
24 Chair side micro abrasion
25 Bleaching unit
26 Instrument retrieval kits
27 Computer with internet connection with attached printer and scanner
28 Refrigerator
29 Equipments for casting procedures
30 Equipments for ceramics including induction casting machines/ burnout preheat furnaces/ wax elimination furnaces
31 Lab micro motor/ metal grinders / sand blasters/ polishing lathes/ duplicator equipment/ vacuum investment equipments
32 Laser (preferably hard tissue)
33 Face bow with semi adjustable articulator