SOP Annexure


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Annexure of Standard Operating Procedure for the award of Ph.D. Degree

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1 Annexure – I Application for Pre-Thesis Submission Presentation
2 Annexure – II Report of CRC-DRC on the request for Pre-Thesis Submission Presentation
3 Annexure – III Approval of Director-Principal-Head on the application for Pre-Thesis Submission Presentation
4 Annexure – IV General guidelines for Pre-Thesis Submission Presentation
5 Annexure – V Report of CRC-DRC on Pre-Thesis Submission Presentation
6 Annexure – VI Thesis Submission Form for External Evaluation
7 Annexure – VII No Dues Certificate for Ph.D. Thesis Submission
8 Annexure – VIII Thesis Evaluation Forwarding Letter by COE
9 Annexure – IX Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation Report
10 Annexure – X Bill for payment of remuneration for Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation
11 Annexure – XI Report of the Oral Defence Committee
12 Annexure – XII Provisional Degree Certificate Proforma
13 Annexure – XIII Final Thesis Submission Form