Guidelines for

Pre-Thesis Submission


General Guidelines for Pre-Thesis Submission Presentation

Research is a way to Building Knowledge. Facilitating Learning. Understand Various Issues. Increase Public Awareness.

  • The title of thesis should be exactly the same as approved by the university.
  • The research scholar must have earned at least 12 credits in the PhD coursework (16 credits in case of interdisciplinary research).
  • The research scholar must have published at least two research papers related to the approved topic of research in national/international journals of repute to the satisfaction of DRC/CRC.
  • The research scholar must have submitted and presented the Annual Progress Report (s), and secured a favourable decision of CRC/DRC for continuation of registration to the PhD programme in each of the APRs. Also, the research scholar should have completed the additional requirements, if any, mentioned by the CRC/DRC in their recommendation in Part III of the Annual Progress Report (s).
  • The research scholar should clear all the outstanding dues including fine, if any.
  • The research scholar should complete the research work and prepare a draft thesis which should be duly checked and certified by the approved supervisor(s). All the Chapters should be ready and properly arranged, Figures, Tables are properly numbered, and standard referencing guidelines as per APA format should be followed. Kindly make sure that there are no typographical, referencing and formatting errors.
  • Submit eight copies of summary of research work in soft binding at least two weeks in advance.
  • Request a mutually convenient date for pre thesis submission presentation in consultation with Director/Principal/Head of the concerned College/Department/Centre
  • Prepare a presentation on the draft thesis of approximately 45 to 60 minutes using Power Point slides. The presentation must cover the following:
    • Objectives and scope of the study
    • Literature review (briefly 3-5 slides only)
    • Identification of the research gap (s) based on literature review
    • Problem formulation
    • Research methodology
    • Experimentation/Survey
    • Data collection, analysis, and interpretation
    • General conclusions
    • Specific conclusions/contributions of the research
    • Contribution of the research to society
    • Further scope of research
  • If you’ll need any special arrangement/equipment for the presentation, inform the college/department/centre well in advance
  • Note the corrections/suggestions made during and after the pre thesis submission presentation for necessary action.
  • Collect the necessary proforma and the procedure for thesis submission.
  • The thesis should be submitted within three months of the date of Pre Thesis Submission Presentation incorporating the suggestions and observations made by the CRC/DRC.