Low-Cost Mini Inverter Developed by TMU students

Inverters are widely used in the domestic as well as industrial environments to serve as the second line of source in case of power cut from the electricity utility grids. The inverter is the device that powers the electric appliances in the event of a power failure. Inverter as the name implies first converts AC to DC for charging the battery and then reverses DC to AC for powering the electric gadgets.

So here is the power-efficient inverter developed by TMU students which is small in size and can give an output voltage of 220v-230v /150w. This power-efficient mini inverter can be used to power up devices such as Wifi routers, mobile chargers, Lights etc.

This mini inverter can step voltage up or down. It can provide electrical isolation between input and output. Moreover, it can smooth out unexpected variations in input and has energy-efficient ways of changing voltage.

A group of four students including Kaushal Pal, Faiz Alam, Harshil Goyal, Aman Singh, and Rohit Kumar Sharma presented their project on the occasion of National Technology Day. The principals and faculty members guided the students about the innovation and admired their efforts.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University organises periodic workshops, seminars, and interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals to create a mentor pool for student innovators. The FOECS department has state-of-the-art modular learning labs with industry-standard equipment and facilities along with Apple I-Mac Lab for students' research and innovation.

Block diagram of the Inverter: