Innovations at TMU: Students Build Affordable M-Buggy with Road and Mountain Capabilities

Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s third-year Polytechnic students of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, have discovered a stunning M- buggy that possesses the capability of running smoothly on roads, including the mountains.

This M-Buggy has an 800 CC petrol engine. It can deliver a speed of 60 kilometres per hour with a seating capacity of two people. Besides making it capable of smooth driving capability, a strong chassis is used to support the complete frame in the case of driver protection. An independent type of suspension system is also used in this M-buggy that is capable of running on any type of road, including the mountains. The structure of this vehicle was kept shortened purposely. Although the design of the vehicle was very basic, the idea attracted a lot of attention from thrill-seekers and racers. The credit for making this buggy goes to a bunch of students, namely Imran Ali, Churchill, Ayush, Afzal, Amir, Suhail, Shubham Shukla, Yash Gupta, Azad, and Shadat.

The University Chancellor, Suresh Jain, along with the Group Vice Chancellor, Manish Jain, inaugurated M-Buggy by cutting the ribbon. Later, they took a ride of the University campus to experience the effectiveness of this project and also congratulated the students for this interesting project.

When asked about this innovation to the Principal of the Polytechnic, Amit Sharma, he added, “that from welding to cutting, designing to assembling, suspension to the braking system, sheet cutting to inspection, documentation to giving final touch, all has been done by the students themselves in the University premises.”

Student Supervisor Varun Gupta gave insights about the buggy. He added by stating, “Buggy is generally used to refer to any lightweight automobile for off-road driving. This is originally used to describe a very lightweight horse-driven vehicle for one or two people. This term was extended to build a lightweight buggy powered by the engine shaft. It has several advantages, such as that it has four wheels and can be driven on difficult and bumpy roads as well as on normal roads. We consider this type of vehicle a light vehicle and is very popular in places of entertainment or off-road.” The mechanical department plans to make this buggy powered by solar energy, added Prof. Gupta.

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