Innovation by TMU Students on Analysis and Design of Gantry Girders

The Gantry Girders are girders that support the loads that are conveyed through the travelling wheels of the crane. The gantry girder spans between the brackets connected to columns, which may either be of steel or reinforced concrete. The Gantry Girder or crane girder is a very important and useful requirement for lifting and moving heavy loads in the shop area, workshops and factories.

They are often used during shipbuilding, where the crane straddles the ship to allow for heavy jobs, such as lifting the engines into the ship, warehouses, automobile industry, manufacturing units or in some type of outdoor yard—rail yards, shipping and container yards, steelyards, scrap yards. Here are the details about the Gantry Girder or crane developed by TMU students.

The movement of the load is three-dimensional. The crane girder can lift heavy mass vertically and horizontally, similarly, the crane with load is needed to move along the length of the shed. The cranes are either hand or electrically operated. The crane movement on the rails which are at its ends.

The gantry girder spans over gantry columns. If the capacity of the crane is moderate, the gantry girders rest on brackets attached to the roof column of the industrial shed. The crane girder spans from column to column, this generally does not possess any lateral support at the intermediate points except when a walkway is created at the top of the girder. The gantry girder spans between the brackets connected to columns, which may either be of steel or reinforced concrete. Thus, the span of the gantry girder is equal to the centre to centre spacing of columns. The rails are mounted on gantry girders.

The crane girder spans the bay of the ship, and the trolley mounted on the crane girder can travel transversely along with it. The trolley has four wheels. The crane girder has two wheels at each end and is capable of moving longitudinally on fences.

The esteemed members of the university appreciated the efforts of students for this innovation and motivated them to bring more innovative ideas. The University believes that education is not just about books and classrooms but also about overall personality development and honing special skills in students. For this, the university promotes an environment where a sense of creativity, originality and ability to transform creative skills and business ideas could be instilled.