Psychology Infrastructure



Working Lab

Non Working Lab

List of Psychology Test & Aparatus

Sr. No. Tests & Apparatus
1 General Classroom Achievement Test (GCAT)
2 SPAN of Immediate Memory (Visual and Auditory (SIM))
3 Mangal Teacher Adjustment Inventory (Shor Form) (MTAI)
4 Concept Attainment Test
5 Emotional Stability Test for Children (ESTC)
6 Attitude Scale towards Home Work
7 Case Study Techniques (CST)
8 Palsane & Sharma Study Habits Invetory
9 Matching Familiar Figure Test
10 Mental Fatigue MFT-B
11 Human Memory and Experimental Procedure on Long Term Memory (LTM) and Short Term Memory (STM)
12 Home Environment Inventory
13 Human Memory and Experimental Procedure on Long Term Memory (LTM) and Short Term Memory (STM)
14 Academic Cheating Scale
15 Verbal Test of Creativity Thinking (TCW)
16 Non-Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (TCF)
17 School Environment Inventory
18 Manual for Mixed Type Group Test of Intelligence
19 Academic Anxiety Scale for Children
20 Cognitive capabilities test for transition period
21 Concept Achievement (Fomation) Test
22 General Mental Ability Test for Children
23 Educational Interest Record
24 Moral Values Scale (MVS)
25 Teacher Attitude Scale, Towards Inclusive Education
Psychological Apparatus
26 Muller Lyer Illusion
27 Span of Attention-Visual
28 Successive Colour Contrast: Negative After Image
29 Steadiness Tester
30 Bhatia Performance Test of Intelligency
31 Mirror Drawing Apparatus
Ability Test
32 Problem Solving Ability Test
33 Reasoaing Ability Test
34 Spatial Perception Ability Test
35 Genral Mental Ability Test For children
36 Genral Mental Alertness Test
37 Sentence Completion Test
Adjustment Test
38 Indian Adoptation of Bell's adjustment Inventory
39 Mangal Teacher Adjustment Inventory
Anxiety Scale
40 Emotional Stability Test for Children
41 Aggression scale
42 Student Examination Anxiety Test
Attitude Test
43 Computer Attitude Scale
44 Comprehensive Attittude Sacle
45 Attitude scale towords home work
46 Techer attitude scale towords inclusive education
47 School attitude Inventory (Rao's)
Creativity Test
48 Non verbal test of creative thinking
49 Verbal test of creative thinking
50 Nairashya Maapa
51 Depression Scale
52 Mental Fatigue
Intellegence Test
53 Group Test of General Mental Ability
54 Mangal Emotional Intelligence Inventory
Interest Test
55 Educational Interest Record V.P. Bansal
56 Educational Interest Record S.P. Kulshertha
Memory Test
57 Span of Immediate Memory
Personality Test
58 Multidimensional Personality Inventory
59 Clinical Case Study Form
60 Thematic Apperception Test
61 Extroversion Introversion Test
62 Dimensional Personality Inventory
Value Test
63 Moral Values Scale
64 Youth problem Inventory
65 Teacher effectiveness Scale
66 Career Perference Record
67 Palsen and sharan habit inventory
68 congnitive capability Test
69 Scientific Aptitude Test Battery
70 General Class Room Achievement Test
71 Academic Cheating Scale