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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself"

Since time immemorial teaching has been considered as a noble profession, one that provides an opportunity to shape the future of our country as well as the world. With the infiltration of technology and digital tools in the education system, teachers today find themselves equipped with the best of the devices that can make learning a much more interactive and fun process for both them and their students.

Unfortunately, though, very few teachers are adept at using such high tech equipment and, therefore, most of them eschew using it to augment their teaching process and methodology. The programs offered by Faculty of Education aim to change this by grooming all their students to go on to become Alpha Teachers. Alpha Teachers are those highly trained teachers who have the pre-requisite subject matter expertise and are also tech-savvy. They understand the latest upgrades available in the field of teaching around the world and are not afraid of espousing them.


Faculty of Education has been accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education and is also by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh. A variety of techniques are used as part of the curriculum to polish and groom teachers of the future. Aside from classroom sessions that build theoretical expertise, students are also exposed to the latest tech tools like Google Classrooms. Not only this, they learn a lot through exchange programs and internships that are organized in partnership with associate schools. Workshops on a variety of subjects are periodically conducted to ascertain that the most recent developments in the field of education reach our students. Similarly, field trips are organized frequently keeping in mind the need for proximity between schools and society at large. Such a connection helps our students plant their feet firmly on the ground and understand what are the needs of the society from an education standpoint.

The program curators give special attention to the fact that hands-on training, especially in the teaching vocation, is a must. Therefore, students of Faculty of Education are given multiple opportunities, as part of their curriculum, to observe the country’s most eminent teachers in action. This helps them learn from the best-b.ed colleges in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Besides, students are often given a chance to be a part of mock sessions in which they can practice everything that they have learned either in the classroom or on the field.