From the Desk of Principal


"Learn to labor before you grow old for knowledge is better than silver or gold. Silver or gold may perish away but acquired knowledge will never decay"

Teerthanker Mahaveer University is imparting world class education by means of more than 100 different courses. Centre for Jain Studies was started for imparting moral education, comparative studies of different philosophies & arranging for research work. The main principle of Jain Philosophy i.e. Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism & Non-Possessiveness may prove to be solid base for world peace. Proper education is a key to prosperity. Though Jain Philosophy is an ancient one, yet it has a great deal of relevance for the modern society & has solutions of many problems of recent world.

By following the principle of Non-Violence, huge defense expenditure of the world may be saved to a great extent & may be used uplifting the life of human beings.

Similarly the principle of Non-Possessiveness will reduce economic disparity & principle of Non-Absolutism will increase harmony of thoughts among family members, society & persons having different viewpoints. The principles of Right Faith, Right Knowledge & Right Conduct which are the ideal principles of university are the basis of world peace.

Students are advised to join the course of B.A. (Jainology) & M.A. (Jainology) & receive moral education which may enable to be a good citizen of the country, besides being the means of livelihood.

Dr. Vipin Jain