Department of Radiology


The Department of Radiodiagnosis is one of the core branches of Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Centre & Teerthanker Mahaveer Multi Super Specialty Hospital. The department adds immense value to the medical domain as without accurate diagnosis the treatment of the patient is not possible.

The radiodiagnosis department is playing a major role in the comprehensive diagnosis & management of various routine & tertiary care cases coming to the hospital. The Department provides 24hrs routine & emergency diagnostic service catering to the needs of various specialties & super specialties.

The Department is comprehensively equipped with state-of-the-art, Radiological diagnostic equipment like high-end 1.5T Siemens MRI machine, 128 slice CT scan, high-end color Doppler/Sonography machines, computer & digital Radiography machines, DSA fluoroscopy system & mammography machines.

tmu's radiology lab 10
tmu's radiology lab 10

These pieces of equipment are providing an edge in performing various routines and specialized radiological diagnostic services including various interventional procedures.

It even assists in actively engaging in postgraduate & undergraduate teaching programs. Academic activities are conducted as per NMC guidelines for both UG & PG students. Students are routinely participating in paper/poster presentations, paper publication at the national & international levels. Faculty members in the department are also routinely engaged in various academic activities at local, national & international levels.

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