BSc Animation Scope and Opportunities

If you've always loved artistic endeavours such as sketching, illustration, cinema, and design, you must be interested in studying animation. Animation is a rapidly evolving career option for youth with countless options and endlessly creative and technological avenues available to explore and create exceptional visual experiences. A BSc in Animation degree in this area will provide you with a lucrative career in the field of film, television, VFX, advertising, and gaming.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University's College of Computing Sciences & IT, one of the top BSc animation colleges in Moradabad UP offers this three-year full-time undergraduate programme that covers the fields of animation and multimedia which can help you to nurture your creative abilities and technological expertise.

Eligibility Criteria For BSc Animation:

To take admission in top BSc animation colleges the candidate must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for admission to the course. He or she must have completed the 10+2 level of study from a recognised educational board. Prospective students who are awaiting the results of their 10+2 exams are also able to apply on a provisional basis.

Scope of BSc Animation in India:

  • Excellent Job Opportunities:
    As digitalisation is expanding, there is correspondingly a high demand for animators for developing entertaining visuals and challenging games. A degree in animation and in-depth knowledge are perfect prerequisites for employment in the visual design sector.With the right skills and knowledge, you can get an advantage in your chosen field.

  • Jobs are Always Here to Stay:
    Even in times of acute recession, a job in animation would guarantee you work. As you know, the entertainment industry is always creating innovative content, and most sectors continue to generate income. There is no shortage of studios producing advertisements, films, and digital content. Nowadays, government advertisements and public announcements are also animated and demand for animators is rapidly increasing.

  • Lucrative & Satisfying Career:
    Due to job satisfaction, animation is attracting youngsters to pursue a career in this field. Freshers are hired as junior animators by production companies, animation studios, and game design organisations. Beginners in the profession are fairly compensated. However, your knowledge and talents in the industry, as well as your seniority will earn you attractive pay after a few years. If you're creative you can also work as a freelancer, a single inventive job might make you a lot of money.

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Top Career Options After BSc Animation:

  • 2D/3D Animator:An animator combines creativity with reality. When it comes to developing characters, scene transitions, and backdrops, this position is crucial. The job of a 2D/3D animator is to produce animated scenarios using computer-generated imagery. The professionals in this field create, develop, and generate pictures using special effects, and action graphics.

  • Graphic Designer: It is one of the most rewarding career paths in the field of animation. Individuals who specialise in animation are frequently hired as graphic designers. The job of the designer is to transform their innovative ideas into tangible visual representations by illustrating various design concepts.

  • Lecturer: Just like any other professional discipline, animation also needs teachers and instructors who can help students make the transition into the workforce. The lecturers guide the technical parts of the area while emphasizing the importance of connecting the students with everyday life to properly visualise the animation inspired by life forms.

  • Game Developer: Game developers assist in the transformation of games from an idea to a practical reality. They do this through coding graphic aspects, programming functionality, and testing variations until the game is market-ready. A career in game production may be extremely lucrative if you enjoy video games and working with computers.

  • Web Designer: A web designer is a professional who produces the layout and design of a website. To generate graphic aspects, they use design software. Website designers often have UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), which means they carefully build a site that is simple and easy to navigate for visitors. If your interest has peaked, you can successfully start your career as a web designer with a BSc animation degree.

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A degree in animation and multimedia opens doors to numerous career choices. The opportunity would allow you to learn digital fundamentals, methodology, illustrator, typographic design, photoshop, web technology, 2D & 3D technology and much more. With practical projects to work on and a massive need for animators in the market currently, a BSc in animation is an ideal course for anyone who aspires to make it big in this field.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University's College of Computing Sciences & IT is a top BSc animation college in Moradabad UP that will give you the required exposure and opportunities to boost your confidence as a student so that you can take up projects independently after the completion of the course. For more details, please visit

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