Department of Physiology



Physiology is the study of how human body works. Physiology is important because it is the foundation upon which we build our understanding of what "life" is, how to treat disease, and how to cope with stresses imposed upon our bodies by new environments. Physiology is the first step to our knowledge of medicine. Physiological studies of normal biological function provide the basis for understanding the abnormal function seen in human disease and for developing new methods of treating those diseases.

The Department of Physiology of TMMC&RC, of this University is located in the first floor of medical college building with a floor area of 16,600 sq.ft, has an excellent infrastructure to aid teaching and research activities.

Air conditioned lecture hall is available for taking didactic lectures and demonstration rooms for small group discussions, which are equipped with audio visual facilities. Laboratories are equipped with basic equipments for routine experiments that help to couple with class room teaching effectively with practice learning as well as for postgraduate teaching and research activities. Department is equipped with computers along with internet connection which helps to evaluate the latest and emerging trends in the field of physiology. This department consists of experienced faculties with medical degrees equivalent to doctoral / post graduation qualifications with immense passion for teaching and research activities and is spearheaded by Dr. Jayballabh Kumar.

Physiology is taught to wide range of medical, dental, physiotherapy, paramedical undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The faculties use

various teaching methodologies which are of immense benefit to students. The main field of research in the department is on pain physiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, autonomic functions and teaching methodology. The Faculty members are actively engaged in research work and have published more than 25 papers in National and International journals.