The majority of people believe that the education industry is merely for teachers. This is true, however, only at certain points. Education is a vast area with multifarious career options available. Most job seekers overlook the education industry because they remain confined to teaching. But don’t be now as you have got us. 

To seize the precise career opportunities within the Education Sector in India, you fairly have to go through this blog and explore the emerging career options in Education as drafted by the Best private Education College in Uttar Pradesh, Teerthanker Mahaveer Faculty of Education (TMFOE). Also, if you are B. Ed. or M. Ed. students, then this blog is a must-read one for you. 

But first, let’s have a look at the education sector of India and abroad.

The Education Sector 

This sector is brimming with high-paying, challenging jobs for qualified individuals. Here’s a data to prove this point. 

Higher education enrolments

  • The National Education Policy (NEP) aims to increase its Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) from 26.3% to 50% by 2035, and around 3.5 cr. additional seats will also be added to higher education institutions.
  • The online education market in India is poised to grow by USD 2.28 billion during 2021-2025. Technavio’s latest market research report estimates that the online education market in India will be progressing at a CAGR of almost 20%.
  • According to KPMG, India has also become the second-largest market for E-learning after the US.

After going through all these researches, it becomes clearer that the education sector has a lot of scope with an end number of opportunities. Besides, education is advancing in terms of standards. Jobs in this industry may not need extra hours of work, but they do require planning, hard effort, and attention. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to look at the emerging career options in education.

In addition, on the off chance that you’re graduating from college before long and will have a degree in education, underneath are a few of the hottest employment opportunities you can seek in education and related areas.

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Top 10 Emerging Career Options in Education

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Stated below are top 10 emerging career options in education that one can opt for according to one's interest and skills. Let’s check each of them in depth.

  • Academic Manager / Educational Consultant
    An educational consultant functions primarily as an academic counsellor. In most situations, they are independent advisers, which means they operate as freelancers. Their work description includes assisting educational institutions and schools, as well as, in certain situations, parents and students, in resolving educational-related concerns. They are after upgrading the overall performance of the institution. You can consider this alongside your teaching career.
  • Curriculum Designer
    The job of a curriculum designer is quite clear with the name, i.e., to design the curriculum and work closely with teachers, organisations, and clients. The aim is to produce and implement effective education course material (online & offline) for schools, offices, universities, and other organisations. The curriculum designer also performs research studies to design and connect a range of digital resources with the needs of the participants, guaranteeing a great learning experience for students. It should be excellent in project management, communication, writing, and research. Most importantly, it should be enthusiastic about education.
  • Instructional Designer
    An instructional designer is an eLearning professional who collects information from subject matter experts and applies instructional theories and models to create interesting and engaging learning experiences. They employ technologies to produce and distribute appealing learning materials, as well as to make training more efficient, simple, and effective. Creativity, visualisation, technical, research, and other abilities are essential. At the entry-level, an instructional designer can gain anything between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000, based on the ability and earlier exposure.
  • Corporate Trainer
    A corporate trainer is an instructor, educator, or mentor who motivates and guides corporate employees for them to achieve specific goals. A corporate trainer’s goal is to increase employee efficiency and align them with the company’s mission and vision. Corporate trainers execute a variety of programmes based on the needs of the organisation, such as leadership programmes, change management programmes, skill development programmes, and many more. Big corporations recruit corporate trainers full time or serve as consultants. For education students, it is another option that you can consider.
  • Career Counsellor 
    Career counselling is the ability to comprehend students’ pain points and guide them with advice and roadmaps for a successful career. To become a Career Counsellor in India, one might begin practising on their own, intern with a respected practitioner, join an organisation/school, and so on. According to a study, the individuals within the age bunch of 15-64 make up 67% of the Indian population. This implies that when an individual begins his/ her college or university or is about to start their proficient career, increasingly people require direction to choose the finest career alternative. With the rising uncertainty of picking the correct vocation among today’s students, the demand for career counselling is on the upswing.
  • Lifestyle coach
    If teaching and the concept of human psychology fascinate you, then a lifestyle coach would be one of the apt options for you. Moreover, it has some of the ever-demanding opportunities. A lifestyle coach not only guides people in setting goals but also shows the path for people to stay hooked and motivated. One can opt for some courses and take certifications to increase their credibility. YouTube is the best place if you are looking to have a future in this field. But don’t ignore the fact that you have a decent number of competitors and innumerable expectations.
  • Academic Writer 
    Academic writing jobs are plentiful as online learning becomes more prevalent. As an academic writer, you may be asked to provide study materials, write a thesis, blogs, essays, and so on. If you are interested in this position, make sure to be well-versed in academic writing rules, as this form of writing differs from digital content writing. Aside from being an exceptional writer with strong syntax and punctuation skills, the candidate should understand the strategic and accurate use of citations. You can choose to become a freelance academic writer or a full-time one, depending on your choice.
  • Admission Counsellor
    An admissions counsellor holds the responsibility of recruiting prospective students. Their work profile includes visiting college fairs, providing information to students and parents regarding the organisation, assisting in campus tours, and organising recruitment strategies. Admission counsellors frequently collaborate with the administration office to analyse incoming applications and check their documentation. To summarise in layman’s language, an admission counsellor persuades applicants to take admission to that very University.
  • Academic Deans
    An academic dean sets academic department standards and oversees faculty members. An academic dean does a lot more! He or she is in charge of certain departments or colleges of their university. They are in charge of both academic and administrative elements of their department. In addition, they evaluate professors and other academic staff members. They also participate actively in faculty committees, assisting in curriculum development.
  • Chief Academic Officer
    The chief academic officer administers the educational programme of a school or university, including providing the remarkable academic experience possible while fulfilling long-term financial goals. The individual will, moreover, be capable of the core educational modules alongside the student and educator impact. Admissions, student affairs, and the registrar’s office are common places for education administrators to work. As a result, this is the ideal place for an ambitious chief academic officer to begin his or her career.


Final Thought!

Picking the right career is significant. However, with changing dynamics, the options keep on varying. Therefore, one needs to have insights to make a thoughtful decision. Considering all the emerging career options given above, there are some that remain familiar for B. Ed. and M. Ed. students like teaching (Online & Offline), tutoring, librarian, stenographer, etc. 

However, the icing on the cake is if you opt for B. Ed. and M. Ed from the Best Education College in UP, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, you’ll have a rewarding career in numerous fields. Being home to countless researchers, it is considered an apt example of quality education and opportunities. The college not only offers excellent internship opportunities but provides a considerable amount of placement packages at reputed organisations. 

Explore the Faculty of Education (FOE), a perfect place for future educators and give wings to your dreams.  

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