Waste Management Initiatives


Waste Management Initiatives

Solid Waste Management

The biodegradable waste like food waste from mess & canteen are procured by the near-by piggery farms on the daily basis. Besides, the University has also signed MoU with Nagar Panchayat, Pakwara for the disposal of Non- biodegradable waste like plastic, tins, glass bottles etc. and ensures that the University is having efficient mechanism for the disposal of solid waste.

Liquid Waste Management

In order to avoid any untoward effects and impacts of the liquid effluents, the University has established its own Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)which has the capacity of 1.5 MLD for the disposal of liquid effluent. After the STP process the treated water is used for the irrigation of agriculture field, grounds, parks etc in the University campus.

Biomedical Waste Management

The University has signed MoU with SP Green Light Environment Waste Management LLP, 1st Floor, Tiwari Market, Opp Ram Janki Mandir, Bareilly – 243001 for the collection & disposal of biomedical waste.

E-Waste Management

The University has signed the MoU with Govt. authorized vendor namely Exigo Recycling Private Limited, 2nd floor, S-16, Greater Kailash- 1, New Delhi 110046 for the disposal Electronic Waste. The company ensures use of best available technology for the management of electronic waste disposal and also abides with the laws as being issued by the government from time to time. The University ensures that the service provider for E-waste management abides with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, govt. orders & applicable code of practice under the MoU with the company. The MoU with the company is renewed every five years since 2016.

Waste Recycling System

In order to minimize landfill waste, the University has adopted an effective recycling system where in the biodegradable solid waste like tree leaf, grass etc are collected from the campus and dumped in the compost unit of College of Agriculture Sciences to produce organic fertilizers.The fertilizer thus produce is used by the University for gardening, nursery preparation & floriculture.Besides the University also educate concern in the campus about the significance of waste recycling system. The University has well managed mechanism for the recycling of biodegradable waste.

Hazardous Chemicals & Radioactive Waste Management

The University follows the UGC guidelines for procurement, storage, usage & disposal of hazardous chemicals & radioactive waste. In view of the same the University has established its own Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with the capacity of 200 KLDfor the disposal of hazardous chemicals. In accordance with the UGC guidelines the University has designated Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh as the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who is responsible for procurement, storage, usage & disposal ofradioisotopes use in the campus as per the regulation laid down by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). The RSO also ensures the radiation safety guidelines and requirements are followed in all concerned laboratories. The University has well defined SOPs for hazardous chemicals & radioactive waste management system which are displayed in respective laboratories.

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB): Registration Certificate