Water Conservation Initiatives


Water Conservation Initiatives

Rainwater Harvesting

The University has it’s own water lake with the capacity of 1 crore liter water. This large lake serve the main purpose of rainwater harvesting.The rain water from the roofs tops of the buildings through drains, landscaped campus & RCC roads recharge the ground water table throughout the year.

Roof Rain Water Harvesting

Bore Well / Open WellRecharge

The University has operational Open Well recharge system to increase the water table.

Construction of Tanks & Bunds

The University has constructed three water tanks and all tanks fulfill the following purposes:

  • Household water requirements for the campus residents including hostels
  • Fire safety water requirements.
  • For the irrigation of agriculture field, grounds, parks etc.

Waste Water Recycling

The University has established STP (Sea wage Treatment Plant) as per standard norms for the purpose of waste water recycling.

Maintenance of Water Bodies & Distribution System in the Campus

The University has separate maintenance department to regulate, maintain & regular distribution of water in the campus through water tanks.

Demand of Water

Particulars Unit Liter / Day (Approx.) Total (In Lt.)
Hospital 1000 450 Lt./Bed 450000
Campus Blocks 5000 135 Lt./Person 675000
Visitors 7000 30 Lt./Person 210000
TOTAL 1335000

Water Treatment by (1.5 MLD) S.T.P.

Waste Water Generation is 80% of Total Supply = 1068000 Lt./Day.

Treated Water Used

  • In Horticulture : 600000 Lt./Day
  • In Agriculture : 400000 Lt./Day


  • Usage of Water is Variable (Due to different Weather Condition).
  • The variation of used treated water is maintained through reservoir of capacity 1Cr. Lt.