Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability


Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability

Solar Energy

The UP Power Corporation has sanctioned the load of 3000 KVA & terminate the supply in meter room of 11 KV switch gear system from there University receive the supply at own 11/0.4 substation. Thesolar PV power plant of capacity 1345 KWP has been installed on the roof tops of the various buildings. The average power requirement of the campus is approximately 14000 units per day & 4500 units are generated by solar power panels i.e. approximately 31% power requirement is fulfilled by solar panels, apart from that sensor based solar street lights are installed in the campus at major places.

# Solar Location Solar Capacity (In KW)
1 Dental College 50
2 Engineering Block 50
3 Mala Bhawan 80
4 Medical College 110
5 Prakash Bhawan 60
6 Pharmacy College 30
7 Gyan Bhawan 30
8 Hospital 195
9 Indoor Stadium 60
# Solar Location Solar Capacity (In KW)
10 Nursing College 60
11 Vidya Bhawan 50
12 Vardhaman Bhawan 87
13 Engineering Block 227
14 Substation No-3 27
15 Mortuary 17
16 Faculty Block 82
17 Faculty of Education 130
Total 1345

Biogas Plant

The University has signed MoU with JARDS Moradabad, where biogas plant is situated. The students regularly visitthe plants for the exposer purpose.

Wheeling to the Grid

An agreement has been signed with Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) in regard with energy export to the grid and they provided net metering system to record the solar energy generation in campus.

Sensor-based Energy Conservation

The University has installed sensor based & wireless facility of conserve the energy at administrative block.

Use of LED Bulbs / Power-efficient Equipment

The University purchases only LED lights &replaced old tube light/ bulb from new LED lights as and when required presently 95% of the lights are LED. The updated &power saver equipmentlike fan, AC, fridge & other electronic items are replaced by five star rated equipment.