February 10, 2023, Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Nursing (TMCON), TMU organised a highly informative guest lecture on "Current Trends and Innovations in Midwifery and Initiatives by GOI." The event was a significant step towards promoting excellence in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing. The guest lecture proved to be enlightening for all the students present.

About the Event

The prestigious guest speaker, Prof. (Dr) Manju Chhugani, who serves as the Dean of SNSAH, HOD of OBG Department, and Principal of Jamia Humdard, Delhi, graced the occasion. With her profound knowledge and expertise, she enlightened the audience about the transformative journey of midwifery in independent India. Prof. Chhugani shared invaluable insights into major milestones and advancements in maternal health, health sector reforms, and the government's policies related to midwifery services.

The engaging session also highlighted the exemplary progress of midwifery training courses in different states of India, underscoring the importance of skilled personnel during the birthing process. Prof. Chhugani emphasised various government initiatives, including the Janani Suraksha Yojana, Lakshya, and Surkshit Matritva Aashwasan Yojana, which have significantly contributed to improving maternal healthcare in the country.

"India has made remarkable strides in providing quality maternal health care, largely due to the strong advocacy by midwifery leaders," stated Prof. Chhugani. The session concluded with a spotlight on the Nurse Practitioner Midwife program launched by the Nursing Council to enhance the healthcare system and ensure skilled professionals for every birth in India. The emphasis was also on promoting Respectful Maternity Care and informed decision-making during the birthing process.

Prof. Dr. Poonam Sharma, Principal of TMCON, expressed her gratitude to Prof. Chhugani by presenting her with a token of appreciation and a certificate. The event culminated with a group photo, capturing the enriching experience shared by the attendees.

About the Event

The guest lecture proved to be an enlightening and inspirational session for all the students present. It offered them valuable insights into the evolving landscape of midwifery and its vital role in maternal healthcare.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University continues its commitment to academic excellence and fostering the growth of future nursing professionals through such impactful educational initiatives.

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