Department of Paediatric Nursing

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Department of Paediatric Nursing

Child health nursing encompasses a wide scope of practice typically associated with child care for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our department fosters a enrichment of students knowledge, attitude and practice in various health promotional activities of children and their families.

  • To provide the highest level of compassionate patient centered care and family centered through innovative evidenced- based nursing practice, education and research.
  • Integration of developmental needs of children into nursing care with holistic approach.
  • Integration of scientific principles and theory related to child health nursing.
  • Interdisciplinary team approach to plan and provide comprehensive child care.
  • Focusing on the ethical, moral and legal issues regarding child care.

The department observes significant days, educational and health related programmes, field visits, camp’s in collorabtion with various departments. Standard procedure’s manuals and protocols are in practice and updates as per the current scenario in the changing patterns of health care delivery system and advancement in paediatric care.

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