Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s College of Law and Legal Studies has introduced a novel platform popularly known as CRILLS. The Center for Research in Law and Legal Studies or CRILLS strives to create a forum for academicians and students to engage in high-quality research/scholarly activity, allowing them to obtain advanced knowledge in specialised areas of law. Besides, CRILLS conducts studies on current legal issues and executes research initiatives based on the academic agenda.

The Center holds seminars, conferences, and workshops on several legal subjects, thus benefiting the legal community at large. It also intends to pursue interdisciplinary study in fields such as law and society, law and medicine, law and economics, and so on.

Furthermore, the Center publishes an E-Newsletter in Harvard style, primarily administered by student editors and overseen by academic editors. The newsletter contains updates on legal news and events, as well as accomplishments and opportunities that occur during the year.

In the future, CRILLS will aim to announce the launch of the TMU Law Review. It will be a student-edited law magazine that aims to publish leading research articles and notes written by legal experts from throughout the country to contribute to the growth of law and serve as a research tool for practitioners, academics, and students.