Paramedical Sciences-Bridging the gap in Health Care Industry

Health care sector of India is rapidly expanding with revolutionary innovation and modification in technology and medical sciences. Paramedical science is one such allied branch of the medical domain which acts as a supporting member to it by bridging the gaps between the patient and his treatment.

Paramedics are used for various purposes in the pre and post working in the health care sector. They are required in the hospital domain for their specialities in lab technical works, assisting the doctors in the procedures etc. Paramedical sciences though being from the medical faculty isn’t as prolonged and expensive as the other medical programs. But just like the other medical programs, it stresses more on the practical exposure for its students.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University one of Uttar Pradesh’s topmost private university extends its learning facility in the field of Paramedical sciences along with the other 140 programs overall. College of Paramedical Sciences, based in the TMU campus provides UGC approved certified programs for diploma, bachelors, and masters in the field of paramedical science.

The Diploma programs are further categorized by subsets like Diploma in Medical Lab Technician (DMLT), X-ray technician (DXRT), and Diploma in optometry (D.Optom). Diploma programs require a student to invest only two years while bachelors are of three and a half year programs excluding the 6 months internship. Bachelor’s also offers the students a choice to enroll themselves in specific programs like BSc in Medical Lab Technology (BMLT), BSc in Forensic Science, Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optom.), BSc in Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology (BRIT). Owing to the bachelor’s streams the students can pursue the same stream of specialization for master’s program too. The Master’s degree is of two years and offers specialization for MSc in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology (MRIT), MSc in Medical Lab Technology, MSc in Medical Lab Technology (MMLT), MSc in Optometry (M.Optom).

Perceiving to the growing competition in the field and trying to produce refined, responsible young professionals, College of Paramedical Sciences, TMU insists for the students to have more field exposure and hence conducts regular sessions at the demonstration labs where they learn about the equipment and machines in more depth. TMU campus has a 1000 bedded multispecialty hospital in its premise that gives access and permissions for regular visits to its students.

Forensic sciences students are made to solve crime scenes created inside the precinct of campus, thus constructively morphing students into the psychology of a forensic expert. Morgue visits are also arranged for the students to have an overall understanding of this crucial stream.

Paramedics have a bright future with continuous development in the medical industry. So don’t falter in taking a leap for an amazing future ahead.

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