5 Ways to Fight Corona with a Smile!

Well with the corona pandemic out & about, hibernating at homes has become the next global thing. Isolation being the essential key in breaking the cycle of the spread has bound us all to stick indoors with nothing much to do except crib about being indoors.

Here we bring you the five ways that will make you fight corona with a smile. So let’s charge in!

  • Every Monday is Sunday!

    Hasn’t that been the wish of all the students & working people to get two Sundays in a week? Well Coronavirus has finally granted you’re long-awaited wish and given you the longest of a long weekend isn’t that great, so sleep all you want!

  • Call all your far ones!

    Amidst the work, classes, submissions and what not the long-distance relations & friendships suffers the most so here’s the time to rekindle with your past relation, fight on the same old stale topics, and laugh on the same old jokes that you have so that this coming friendship day you will have another friend to add.

  • Self-care

    Novel corona has given you novel time for all the self-care you deserve. So enjoy this quarantine by relaxing and pampering yourself with tons of sleep to get rid of those dark circles, or get a nice pedicure & manicure; that glowing face; or just oil your hair and by the end of this pandemic you can get those long voluminous stresses which were impossible to have in the hustle-bustle of every day or maybe you could lose that extra weight by working it off to get the size of your desire.

  • Stay at Home!

    When we are at home the one complain that our mother never fails to taunt us with is, Ghar aye ho to ghar par to raho! This is your chance to spend some quality time with her by cleaning your room or getting that messed up cupboard sorted. We bet she will love it.

  • Reconnect with the Hobbies!

    How about tuning out that Guitar which is lying at the corner of your room or maybe perfecting that dance move your favorite dancing idol had choreographed. And if nothing works for you make all the amazing tic tok videos that you loved watching, click thousands of selfies to put up later for #postquarantine memory or just laze around doing nothing and still no ones complaining so tell us can the world get any better than this for you, I guess not.

So do you still feel that same claustrophobic feeling that you were experiencing before reading this! I guess not, so be happy because sometime later you might miss this long vacation more than ever!

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