7 Ways Mass Communication can Shape your Career Prospects

If writing is your hobby, and presentation is your skill, excellent communication comes naturally to you, then a career in journalism and mass communication is waiting for you. Mass communication is one of the popularly emerging career fields with more and more students opting this as their career goal.

Let us go through some of the career choices that are offered by the mass communication:


The media business is a prominent field with the most fascinating work environment. In any case, it requires a strong state of mind, elevated amounts of duty and intense energy. Every day is a new challenge and it never gets boring. To add on, media field offers a wide variety of opportunities like being a Journalist, Reporter, Script writer, News anchor, Editor, Photojournalist, etc. which can help you in securing a place in the much entitled media firm.


The world is looking closely at filmmakers these days, and they’re not restricting themselves to movies only. In the present era the Web series, Newsreels, commercials, music videos and documentaries – all catering to different audiences are equally appreciated.

Initiating from being an assistant director to being a successful motion director is also something that mass comm. offers. Being a Professional Photographer or videographer will definitely help you landing in the world full of opportunities. Moreover, the Pre- production department and Post-production department are the essential parts of direction and production process which offers a huge range of roles and responsibilities.


The radio is certainly one of those fields which propose the creative landmarks and provide a much mightier platform to expose yourself and experience the challenging perspectives with your humor, Conversations and the voice. You can be the demanded radio jockey of your radio station who could attract a lot of audience and might be the face of your radio station. Along with the radio jockeying there is an aspect which has became bigger with the time known as voice over. The voices over artist these days have a lot of sustenance in career perspective.


Promotions and branding have become a necessity hence raising a lot of opportunities in the advertising sector. If you are good at designs and you love dealing with the graphics, then certainly there are a lot of roles demanded in the advertising sector. You could be a logo designer or a Graphic designer and could earn handsome amount of bucks just by working and playing with the different graphics, images, pictures and logos. There is also scope for Copy Writing in the advertising department.


The Public relations sector is vast and it offers challenging roles which includes conviction, creation, branding, creating contacts, etc. The main work of PR strategies is to convince the media for promotions and branding through your newsletters and press releases. The PR involves Opportunities in the departments like PR Management, Content Creation, Spokesperson, Corporate Communications, Social Media Management, etc.

So if you think you have enough convincing power how about you give it a try?


If you are good at handling the pressure, an efficient decision maker and love managing and creating events then probably mass communication can offer you the aspects of event management which is very popular these days.

Metropolitan city offers tremendous opportunities for this role which demands people who have caliber to handle them. There are lot of roles and responsibilities that are offered by this field ranging from creating on event to managing the event.


All the newspapers have an editorial section in it, if you think that your words have the power to create an effect, then you can be the editorial writer for a newspaper. The editorial writer receives a lot of respect, fame and monetary benefits.

Well, these are some of the most prominent and promising fields of print media, offered by mass communication curriculum. These fields can help you in securing the future and can also help you in enjoying your work.

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