Immediate full mouth implant rehabilitation with Bilateral Sinus Grafting

TMU’s Department of Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge and Implantology of Teerthanker Mahaveer Dental College & Research Centre (TMDC&RC), performed an extensive procedure to rehabilitate a completely edentulous maxillary arch and partially edentulous mandibular arch of the patient with an immediate fixed dental prosthesis by grafting pneumatized sinuses on both the sides.

All the dental procedures were performed by the team of prosthodontists lead by Professor & Head, Dr. Rajani Dable, along with Dr. Abhishek, Dr. Madhurima, Dr. Puneet, Dr. Aakash and postgraduate students of prosthodontics Dr. Spardha, Dr. Mirazul, Dr. Manan and Dr. Saurvi.

The patient (65 years) hailed from Sambhal with the hope of receiving a fixed dental prosthesis which he was denied at his hometown. Upon examination, an immediate full mouth implant rehabilitation with bilateral sinus grafting (direct access on right and indirect on the left side) was finalized.

A temporary prosthesis was given immediately after the surgery for a period of six months. The rehabilitation of the mandibular arch was performed immediately after implant placement in the premolar and molar regions. Both the surgical and prosthetic phase of each arch was done simultaneously.

This immediate full mouth rehabilitation helped the patient overcome the esthetic, functional, psychological and social trauma of edentulism. After a period of six months when the osseointegration of the implants was found to be acceptable the definitive hybrid prosthesis was fabricated for the maxillary arch. The implant and tooth-supported definitive fixed partial dentures were also fabricated for the mandibular arch. The patient was instructed to maintain rigorous oral hygiene along with regular follow-ups for the long-term success of the prostheses.

This case brings forward, the recent advances in the rehabilitation of edentulous ridges using hybrid dentures. Management of resorbed ridges with pneumatized sinuses by using implants and restoring the esthetics and function at one go in the same visit is a multidisciplinary approach and requires greater experience and precision for a successful long term treatment outcome.

At TMU the technologically advanced equipment and facility provisions enable the dentists to provide the best treatment to the patients. Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s Department of prosthodontics, crown and bridge and implantology has been performing such extensive procedures on different cases by the interns & postgraduates under the guidance of experienced faculty members. Carrying out extensive surgical and prosthetic phases in a single sitting is distinctive and a rarity in and around Moradabad region. TMDC&RC is one of the best dental colleges in the vicinity of Delhi NCR and the state of Uttar Pradesh where the students are made to learn and practice the recent and updated procedures along with the conventional techniques to help them be the best of their field.

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