Cross Roads 3.0 (A Case Study-Based Presentation Competition)

February 4, 2023. The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Development (CTLD) at Teerthanker Mahaveer University organised Crossroads 3.0 on the topic of “Entrepreneurial Dilemma” to enhance students' analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. The team “High Hopes” from the Pharmacy College secured the first position, while “Mavericks” and “The Three Aces” from CCSIT obtained the second and third positions, respectively.

To evaluate the decision-making ability of students, CTLD conducts Crossroads every year, and this year's competition was held in two parts.

Event in Progress:

The first round of the Crossroads 3.0 competition consisted of a screening process in which 30 teams from across the university submitted their write-ups on the topics

  • “How Entrepreneurs Can Change the World and Society” and

  • “Why Should Your Team Be Given a Chance to Make a Presentation in the Grand Finale?”

online on 23rd January 2023. The teams demonstrated their creativity and potential, and the top 8 teams were selected for the final round of the event.

For the final round, each team was given a separate case study based on real-life problems. The grand finale was held on 03 February 2023. All 8 teams participated and presented their ideas and solutions for the problems they encountered while working on the case studies. The students displayed a variety of creative and innovative ideas and also showcased their effective communication skills while working in teams.

Event Conclusion

After the intense display of the student abilities and talent, Team “High Hopes” from Pharmacy College secured first place, while “Mavericks” and “The Three Aces” from CCSIT obtained second and third places, respectively. At the end of the event, the jury members presented trophies, medals, and certificates to the winning teams.

The event was graced by the presence of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Raghuvir Singh, Registrar Dr. Aditya Sharma, Dean Academics Prof. Manjula Jain, and other dignitaries and faculty members from various colleges of the university. The Director of CTLD, Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Krishnia, in his address, praised the efforts of the students and lauded the efforts of the CTLD team, who left no stone unturned for the success of the event.

In his speech, Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghuvir Singh laid emphasis on skills. He says, “Investing in our skills opens doors to new opportunities and personal growth. With determination, hard work, and practice, we can acquire any skill and make a positive impact in the world”. So keep learning and developing your skills, as they can unlock a world of possibilities, added Prof. Raghuvir.

Dilip Dutt Varshney (Dy Director CTLD) along with Team CTLD, coordinated and steered the entire event flawlessly, while Charvee Khatri hosted the event graciously.

The theme for this year's competition, Entrepreneurial Dilemma, was chosen due to the dearth of job openings and to develop TMU students as Job Providers. CTLD initiated this concept to enhance the student's ability to overcome business challenges and to inspire them to start their own enterprises. The competition aimed to foster the development of the students' entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving skills, research capabilities, communication skills, teamwork, and coordination.

The TMU's Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Development (CTLD) is always a front-runner for organising various activities, including Vocabaddicts,Brain Manthon, etc. for the all-around development of students. Crossroads 3.0 was yet another feather in the cap of CTLD. The CTLD comprises a team of ace professionals and experts utilising experiential methodology, tools, and techniques that ensure a complete transfer of learning. The pedagogy adopted was a unique blend of classroom training, along with interactive and engaging activities. TMU's focus on all areas that are important for a student's overall development is what sets it apart as the best private university in Uttar Pradesh

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