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Physiotherapy, as a branch of rehabilitative medicine, focuses on helping patients maintain, recover, or enhance their physical abilities. Physiotherapists remediate impairments and disabilities while promoting mobility and movement potential through provisional diagnosis and physical interventions. Recognizing the growing demand for physiotherapy services in the medical sector, Teerthanker Mahaveer University's Department of Physiotherapy, established in 2010, is committed to training professionals capable of delivering these vital services.

As the best private physiotherapy college in UP, the Department of Physiotherapy operates with a team of competent and experienced core faculty, providing specialized knowledge to students. The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed following expert guidelines in the field. Students enjoy practical exposure at the 800+ beds super-speciality TMU hospital, conveniently located on the university campus.

Here, students gain invaluable clinical experience in both the Outpatient Department (OPD) and Inpatient Department (IPD) through collaborations with healthcare centers. Additionally, students have access to well-equipped facilities and laboratories within the department, allowing them to refine their practical skills.

For theoretical knowledge, a well-stocked central library serves as a valuable resource. The curriculum's practical component finds fulfillment through engaging work in laboratories. TMU offers DPT/BPT/MPT/PhD programmes. Thus, assuring students of the program's credibility and recognition. As a result, the best physiotherapy college in UP equips students with comprehensive knowledge, preparing them to become skilled professionals in the field. This contributes significantly to the healthcare sector.