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Anatomy lays foundation of Medical science. The clear and comprehensive knowledge of entire medical science is based on human anatomy as human anatomy is science of macro/micro structure and forms of the human body. Good health is directly related to standard structures of human anatomy and its variants. Therefore without sound knowledge of human anatomy to medical under graduates, their medical knowledge, skill and experience will be imperfect. Therefore the main aim of our department is to train & teach the students in such a way so that they practically apply this subject which forms the firm foundation for the art of healing (medicine).

Department of Anatomy was established in 2008 in Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Centre, Moradabad.

Our department of Anatomy is one of the best department of the state, having all the facilities related to teaching, training, learning & research activities. The Department is very enthusiastic in facilitating medical education with a well-equipped dissection hall. The teaching faculty is known for their student-friendly methods of teaching. Essential as it is for modern advanced Medical Teaching Institutions, this Anatomy Department has a progressive Museum exhibiting various types of anatomical and embryological specimens. Apart from imparting medical education to undergraduate students of various Medical, Dental and Para-Medical courses, the Department is recognized by the Medical Council of India to impart education to post-graduate students who specialize in the subject of Anatomy. The Department is also recognized by the UGC for conducting Ph.D. courses in the field of Anatomy.


  • The Department aims to be a leading esteemed centre for medical teaching and research across the breadth of the discipline of Anatomical Sciences.
  • To develop the communication skill and the human touch to serve the sufferings to uphold the saying "MEDICAL PROFESSION IS NOBEL PROFESSION".
  • To inspire the students to develop Love for the Motherland and Patriotism.


  • The overall mission of department is to lay strong foundation for medical education with emphasis on clinically relevant course material so as to address a crucial need for patient care, support and medical research.
  • To be an active partner in the University's effort to excel in teaching and research and contribute to the Faculty of Medicine, training of competent and caring doctors for the nation.
  • To inculcate the human values and medical ethics to achieve the goal of supremacy in service.


  • To impart a strong conceptual and relevant factual ground to undergraduate & post graduate students taking the Anatomy Course.
  • To strive for excellence in the Anatomy Teaching Programmes.
  • To achieve international recognition for research.
  • To create an intellectually vibrant environment within the department.
  • To foster a strong sense of belonging among staff and past and present students.


The Department provides the best possible resources to staff and students for effective teaching and learning & research.

Dissection Hall

A large well illuminated & cross ventilated hall having sitting capacity of 150 students at a time. Several cooling chambers, embalming room & tanks for Cadavers are attached to the Dissection hall.


Is one of its type consisting of approximately 200 wet and dry specimens, torsos which can be dismantled and reassembled for teaching purpose. We have about 50 models including 13 working models. We also have a series of cross sections of body parts along with their labeled photographs and legends. There is a separate radiological section present in the museum with a vast illustrative and descriptive collection of typical, atypical and rare X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scans and MRIs.

Histology Laboratory

Has a capacity of 90 students at a time with light source on each seat. It has audiovisual aids along with LCD and projector for demonstrating histology slides.

Research Laboratory

This is very well equipped with experimental histological, anthropological & other research work material.

Demonstration Room

There are two demonstration rooms with a seating capacity of about 90 students each.


There are over 93 books with latest editions on the subject along with both National and International journals.