BA-B Ed (Integrated)

Fee Structure for BA-B Ed (Integrated)

Tuition Fees Rs 20700 /- (Per Semester )
Examination Fees Rs 4500 /- (Per Semester )
Enrolment Fee Rs 1000 /- (One Time )
Admission Registration Fee Rs 5000 /- (One Time )
Admission Processing Fee Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Lab Charges Rs 500 /- (Per Semester )
University Uniform Rs 0 /- (One Time )
Convocation Charges Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Alumni Charges Rs 500 /- (One Time )
Application Fees Rs 1000 /- (One Time )

B.A.-B Ed (Integrated) Scholarships 2024

Scholarship for Jain Students:

  • All Jain students will be given upto 50% exemption in tuition fees and upto 50% in hostels fees for the entire duration of the programme.
  • Multiple scholarships will not be available.

Scholarship for Non Jain Students:

Scholarship Range Marks in qualified Exam Ex- TMU Student
10% 60-69.9% N/A
15% 70-79.9% 60% to 69.9 %
20% N/A 70% to 79.9%
25% 80% to 89.9% N/A
30% N/A 80% to 89.9%
50% 90% & Above 90% & Above

Chancellor's Scholarship (For Teerthanker Mahaveer University Staff Wards)

20% per Year

Special Scholarship for Meritorious Sports Aspirant of District/State/National Level

Upto 100

Other Scholarship

  • Discount of 10% in tuition fee shall be given to the siblings of students studying / seeking admission in the university with the condition that it will be given to the sibling whose fee is lesser and it shall be applicable only on first year tuition fee and not on subsequent years.
  • Scholarship on case to case basis to differently-abled students will be given for entire programme.The amount of scholarship shall be such as based upon the level of disability (obtained from District Hospital) being produced.The details of the scholarship shall be shared subsequently once decided by the committee constituted for the purpose.
  • Multiple scholarship will not be available.

Programmes Offered for the Academic Session 2024-25

Understanding the nomenclature is crucial. BA-B Ed stands for Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Education (Integrated), a programme seamlessly weaving together the realms of arts and education.

Marks on a journey that combines the richness of arts with the depth of education. The BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme at Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both disciplines. The curriculum spans a set number of years, ensuring a holistic approach to learning. Eligibility criteria are tailored to welcome students passionate about shaping young minds.

TMU's BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme boasts unique features that cater to the modern learner. From interactive teaching methods to hands-on experiences, students benefit from a well-rounded education. The programme's flexible structure accommodates diverse learning styles, ensuring a personalised journey for each student.

Choosing the right educational path is pivotal. The BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme offers a multitude of advantages, from fostering holistic development to broadening career options. Graduates find themselves equipped not only with academic knowledge but also with practical skills essential for the real world.

Success in the BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme goes beyond academic excellence. Key skills include effective communication, empathy, and adaptability. TMU's focus on nurturing these skills ensures graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the education sector.

  • Faculty Expertise: The quality of faculty members is crucial. If the faculty includes experts in education with diverse backgrounds and experiences, it can enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Research Opportunities: A strong faculty often engages in impactful research. If the Faculty of Education at TMU encourages and supports research initiatives, it can contribute to a dynamic learning environment.
  • Teaching Methods: The use of innovative and effective teaching methods can set a faculty apart. TMU's Faculty of Education employs modern and engaging teaching techniques, which enhance the educational experience for students.
  • Student Support Services: A supportive environment, including counselling services, mentorship programmes, and career guidance, can contribute to student success.
  • Graduate Success: The success of graduates, including their employability and achievements in their respective fields, can reflect the effectiveness of the education provided by the faculty.
Faculty of Education College Specialities
  • Psychomotor Skills Implementation.
  • Special sessions for slow and fast learners.
  • Compulsory value-added courses in the curriculum.
  • Guidance and practice sessions for government jobs/ examinations like TGT, PGT, TET, CTET, Super TET etc.
  • Compulsory MOOCs in the curriculum.
  • 16 books & 19 edited books written by different faculty members.
  • Regular educational talks on emerging issues.

Navigating the admission process can be daunting. Prospective students can ease this journey with a step-by-step guide provided by TMU. From application procedures to document submission, clarity is the foundation of a smooth admission process.

Preparing for entrance exams is a crucial step. TMU recognises the significance of these exams and offers insights into the top ones, along with valuable preparation tips to help aspiring students succeed.

  • Master of Arts Entrance Exams (MA Entrance)
  • National Eligibility Test (NET)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Common Admission Test (CAT)
  • Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level (SSC CGL)
  • State Public Service Commission Exams (PSC)
  • Defense Services Exams (CDS, AFCAT)

The journey doesn't end with graduation. Graduates can explore diverse career paths, from traditional teaching roles to educational consulting. Further study options are also available for those seeking advanced qualifications.

Delve into the expansive world of opportunities that await BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme graduates. The education sector is evolving, and TMU equips its graduates to navigate this landscape successfully. From leadership roles in educational institutions to innovative curriculum development, the possibilities are vast.

Financial considerations play a crucial role in career decisions. Understanding the potential salary in the education sector provides clarity for graduates. TMU's BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme prepares students for rewarding careers with competitive salaries.

Why TMU? The university's reputation for academic excellence, coupled with its commitment to providing a nurturing environment for students, makes it the ideal choice for pursuing the BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme.

In the above section, we have learnt various career avenues available to BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme graduates. Through real-world examples and industry insights, readers get a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic opportunities awaiting them.
In consideration of this, the Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Education (Integrated) programme at <a

  • Q) What is the duration of the BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme at TMU?
    The programme typically spans 4 years, providing a comprehensive education in both arts and education.

  • Q) What career opportunities are available after completing the BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme?
    Graduates can explore various career paths, including traditional teaching roles, educational consulting, and leadership positions in educational institutions.

  • Q) Is financial aid or scholarship available for BA-B Ed (Integrated) Programme students at TMU?
    TMU is committed to supporting students in their educational journey. There is scholarship assistance to TMU students, for more information visit TMU’s admission cell or contact 18002701490.