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The present era of pharmaceutical profession is full of probabilities and opportunities to youngsters. The responsibility of guaranteed patient care system all across the globe lies on their shoulder. The policies of government of India and other countries would certainly raise the demand of technically skilled manpower in this profession. The start-up awakening and entrepreneurship promotions are good to portrait novel success stories to this field. The promotion of Bachelor degree (B.Pharm. (Pharmacy Practice) and continuing Pharm.D. & Pharm.D. (PB) would sharpen the potential skills in the existing personnel as well as the new entrants.

The forthcoming revised syllabi of Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi, orient the upcoming youngsters towards the clinical arena of the new millennium. Pharmaceutical industries as well as the hospitals have been employing the youngsters of this discipline and the future arena would comprise of unrelenting demands of such manpower. The entire globe is watching the path of duly qualified and technically skilled people playing pivotal roles to ensure successful patient and public health care systems in India and abroad.

Duly qualified and technically skilled pharmacy professionals are playing pivotal role in ensuring quality patient care and efficient healthcare systems in India. The start-up awakening and entrepreneurship promotion schemes, as well, provide myriad of opportunities to young pharmacy professionals.

The college grooms professionals by providing diplomas, graduate, post-graduate and doctorate level programs, equipping the students with innovative techniques to resolve problems in drug industries and clinical areas.