Healthcare, the most affected of all the industries concerned by COVID-19, witnessed by each of us, doesn’t need a confirmation to see why. With overloaded hospitals, shocking death rates, a lack of PPE, mandated overtime, staff shortages, and an apparent lack of administrative support, nurses were the first ones pushed to the limits in this catastrophic situation.

 Yet, the pandemic thrust nursing into the forefront, bringing countless accolades. But not enough reform for an already troubled profession. In the two years since then, nursing has observed a profound change. Fortunately, current nursing trends are making the sector more versatile and adaptive than ever. These alterations may help the entire nurse supply catch up to demand and shape the healthcare sector.

 Here are the top emerging nursing trends for 2022, compiled by the Best Nursing College in UP, Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Nursing.

10 Emerging Nursing Trends That Will Shape Healthcare in 2022

The ramifications of COVID-19 and the global nursing shortage noted throughout healthcare and will continue to be so for the next few years. Well, here is proof that supports the statement.

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 28 million nurses are employed around the world. Yet this number doesn’t justify the demand. Because of this gap, the global shortage of nurses soars with the urgent need for 6 million jobs to be filled by 2030.

Another study conducted by NSDC estimates that the medical industry will employ around 7.5 million people by 2022.

As we can notice, both pieces of research call for a global shortage of nurses. There were reforms since the pandemic happened, yet it was not enough to save the nursing professionals. Here are some interesting hot trends that might save nursing profession.

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Let’s delve right into it!

  1. The nurse shortage is proportional to promising career opportunities and high compensation.
  2. With the demand-supply gap of Nursing professionals, there will be an upward trend in online nursing programs. With the increased expectations, healthcare will prefer nurses with higher education degrees. Thus, it’s time to upskill and reskill.
  3. At the time of change, the latest technologies will enter space as a result, it will expect the professionals to transform as per the technological need.
  4. With the advancements, there’ll be a need for continuous up-gradation. 90% of nurses stated they require training to perform their professional duties. Nursing training and development is one of the anticipated trends for 2022.
  5. With a more educated population, there will be an increased focus on the quality of care in Nursing.
  6. Burnout, exhaustion, and moral injury are a cause of concern among the nursing fraternity. Therefore, for their well-being, steps would be taken to support self-care for nurses.
  7. The space will observe the entry of the male nurses.
  8. Travelling nurses will be in demand to support the surging patient volumes. Elevated compensation amounts, travel opportunities, and a chance to work in different work environments will influence the major jump in travelling nurses.
  9. Nursing Informatics, a new speciality within nursing will gain popularity and observe significant amounts of growth throughout 2022.
  10. The demand for home healthcare nurses will meet popularity as the population ages.


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