Tips to ACE Interviews and Be a Super Candidate

'#Interview’ is one of the most powerful words for any student or a career aspirant. The nightmarish feel of uncertainty that comes with ‘what can be expected of an interview’ can give you more than just goosebumps.

Hence brushing up on our interviewing skills is required. So here we are bringing you a cheat sheet of all the efficient tips to ensure smooth sailing in the interviewing process. The basics for showing up at an interview would be:

  • Appropriate attire: Dressing up properly is necessary as it not just gives a good impression to your recruiters but also boosts your confidence.

  • Punctuality: Please show up at the office at least 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled so that if there is any pre-interview process, you can calmly finish it before your interview call.

  • A Smiling Face: To present yourself as a more confident person, smile often. ‘Smile is the best makeup,’ this quote is true to its end. A smiling face also radiates a positive image and this feature may just add a brownie point to your personality.

  • Knowing your Recruiter: Do your homework! Researching about the company you are applying for a job in is essential. Your interviewer might just ask you a few questions about their company as well and if you do your homework right you might just snag the job easily.

  • Etiquettes are Essential: Manners might not seem like a big thing to the younger generations but doing them can distinguish you in a good way. Greeting while entering, asking for permission to sit, being polite throughout, thanking before leaving, are a few of the simple things that give a refreshing image in the minds of the interviewers.

Now in this list of basics, there is a long list of Dont’s too.

  • Don’t be in a hurry to answer: Rushing in is no good, your behavior is also tactfully monitored in the interviews, so if your interviewer has thrown an unusual question at you don’t mind taking a minute to understand the question and then answering it after giving a careful thought over what you want to say.

  • Dishonesty is disdainful: Exaggerating the situation and showing off yourself can be off-putting instead if you have achieved your milestones share them by giving them appropriate metrics instead of hyperbole. Also, be honest in your approach because ‘Fake it till you make it,' could have some serious repercussions.

  • Don’t address casually: Casual talks can be a big no-no. Your recruiter might trick you into flipping your casual mode on but beware the interviewer is no friend of yours and you are in a professional setting of importance like an interview. So keep your conduct professional, no matter what.

  • Don’t fidget: Try to keep your posture appropriate, do not bite nails, shake your legs, etc as these signs might make you seem nervous and unfocused.

Implement these few tips and ace your interviews without a sweat! To know more check out the #SuperCandidate series where we have shared different dos & don’ts and much more for smoothening your interview phase.

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