Next Big Thing in Campus Placements (In 2022)

“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal challenge to develop our talents.”–A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Truth be told, clearing campus placement interviews is tricky but not arduous.

Although finding a decent job still seems daunting, especially if you are a fresher with zero experience. Certainly, you are not the only one. There are many puzzled like you. So Relax!

We recognize that getting a lucrative campus placement offer is a goal that each one of you aims towards. Given today’s cutthroat competition, it is no less than a challenging milestone to accomplish.

But in order to kick start your goal you definitely need to qualify for the on-campus placement interview. Understanding what an organisation is seeking from a recruit becomes indispensable. It's convenient to prepare if you know what they're after. Strategy is a significant factor in this excursion.

So now confront your dismal as we’ve compiled a list of tips to crack your campus placement interview to assist you in succeeding in your campus recruitment drive. Let’s get started!

Tips to Prepare Campus Placements!

The campus placement season is in full swing. Big business heads to colleges to recruit the best and brightest future graduates. If you are in your final year of college, it’s time to get going.

campus placement checklist

  • ✔ Digging is the Key

    The foremost step is to dig. If you would like to be associated with big brands, then get ready to become a (part-time) researcher. Research:

    • Placement Criteria

      The campus placement system is not a free market for jobs. It has a set of rules that enable and restrict you in order to gain the best employment for the maximum number of students. Understand the current placement criteria thoroughly and plan how you will pick opportunities while avoiding penalties.

    • Organization Background

      Always read about what an organization does, where it is located, its latest news, competitors, key people, market challenges, trends, etc. This will give you actual insights into the organization and its culture. Eventually, you’ll gain interest in the organization.

    • Job Description
      Thoroughly read the job description before going through this process. This not only gives you a clear view of the job, but will help you put those points in which you have a doubt. But remember to be polite and professional. It will assist you in exhibiting an approach wherein the portrayal of interests for mutual growth and benefits becomes effortless.

      Pro Tip: Make use of Glassdoor!

  • ✔ Prepare for Success

    • Aptitude Test

      The Aptitude Test is the first test that most employers take. These assessments assess your communication skills, reasoning ability, topic knowledge, and perceptual abilities. Solve a few sample papers with a time constraint in advance. This will boost your confidence.

    • Group Discussion

      Group discussion is one of the pertinent parts of any placement selection process. To stand out in GD, it is imperative to be clear about your thoughts and support them with rational reasoning. Get yourself updated with the latest news and hot topics as most GD topics are based on them.

    Pro Tip: Remember to keep all of your documents and certificates in one place.

  • ✔ Work on your Resume

    Build your resume professionally with a sober picture. Mention all your skills clearly to make them appealing.

    Make your resume stand out by preparing it in the least risky format and fill only those details which you possess. Take references from the internet or seniors and build your resume accordingly. If you are not proficient in using Microsoft Office, an experiment in using free sites for building a professional resume. A few of them include CANVA,NOVO RESUME,INDEED, VISUAL CV, etc. Customize your resume each time you apply based on the job description and your research on the company.

    Pro Tip:Maintain an Updated LinkedIn Profile!

  • ✔ Tackle Tricky Questions Smartly (Prepare in advance)

    Interviews are nerve-wracking, especially when it’s your first. Questions like “tell me about yourself” or “where do you see yourself in five years?” are frequent, and you should be prepared to answer them effectively.

    Prepare for all the tricky questions as well. Questions such as “What are your weaknesses?” and “Why should we not hire you?” should be intelligently answered.

    Pro Tip: Know your Strengths and Weaknesses.

  • ✔ Communication is the X factor. Make it your strength!

    Develop marketable skills. Work on your communication so that you present yourself clearly and concisely. Reduce the use of fillers. Words such as “I mean,” “basically,” “you know,” “like,” and others should be avoided. Using them to fill in the blanks dulls discourse. Learn the fundamentals of your core job role. Use technical phrases wherever possible to pique your interviewer’s interest.

    Also, to be fluent, prepare your introduction in advance. Practice in front of the mirror several times so that you don’t act hesitant in front of the interviewing panel. This will remove your nervousness and will boost your confidence. The language used ought to be professional. The intention has to be genuine. To avoid talks devolving into an argument, be mindful of your tone.

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  • ✔ Don’t Dress to Impress. Rather Dress to Express!

    Your appearance conveys a great deal about your personality and attitude. Leave an impression by dressing smartly. Wear something that helps you seem confident while also allowing you to feel at ease. Be mindful of your body language; excessive shaking of the leg or shifting of the hands should be avoided. Maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight, are just a few suggestions.

  • ✔ Seek Guidance from Alumni

    Since your alumni members have already gone through the interview process, they are often familiar with it. Before your interview, you can contact them and ask for advice on their interview experiences, anticipated replies, salary expectations, and so on, which can be extremely beneficial in cracking the interview.

  • ✔ Don’t lie to impress the interviewer

    In the workplace, personal credibility and integrity are highly desired attributes. During campus placements, companies seek applicants that are honest and have strong convictions. They look for applicants they can trust, knowing they would never compromise the company’s standards. So never bluff with the interviewer.

    The easiest approach to display this skill is to provide honest answers to interview questions during campus placements and to provide accurate information on job applications.

  • ✔ Ask for honest feedback after the interview (If Possible)

    You can politely ask the interviewer for feedback. Because you will sit for multiple interviews, you may ask the interviewer what went well and what areas you need to focus on. Sincere comments might assist you in making immediate modifications and adapting for the next interview.

    But don’t get disheartened if you don’t get the feedback. Consider that you need to work on yourself a bit more to climb the ladder of success.

    Bonus Tip: Don’t Be Afraid of Rejections:
    Each of us has experienced rejection, and it is perfectly normal. Learning from our past, analyzing where we made mistakes, and rectifying them would help us in achieving our goal early. Consider rejection as a stepping stone to success and keep trying with zeal!

Final Thought

By incorporating these hacks into your placement preparations, we are sure you will ace campus recruitment like a pro. Just make sure to be confident and optimistic. Campus placements are hard, but don’t give up. Communicate your thoughts properly. Besides, make sure that you do internships that expand your horizons and provide value to your Skillset.

Remember to refer to this campus placement preparation guide before your interview, and you are good to go.

Till then, plan on putting your best foot forward. All the Best!

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