Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For College Entrances

College Entrance Exams… these three words can often lead to stress & anxiety alongside penetration of a great amount of fear of failure within the hearts of students, who are ready to step up to the next level of education, all set to migrate from the naive school setting to a much dominant university/college standard.

Case in point, further ahead in this blog, we will talk about a few things that will help all students cope up with preparation for college entrances pretty well.

Prepare For College Entrances Like a Boss!

#1 Respect time. Revise what you know.

When time is less, focus on what you have learned previously. Leave out newer chapters that you haven’t revised at all. This will help you become a master of some instead of none.

#2 Set the basics straight.

If your basics with the subjects are clear, you will do great. Try mastering the basics by referring to the standard books issued by educational boards.

#3 Basics first. Nitty-gritty later.

Once your basics have been sorted, you can elevate your level of knowledge (with respect to a particular subject) by practicing from additional textbooks, supplementary guides, etc. You might want to do some research on this part and find out the names of books that align the most with the curriculum and approach.

#4 Your own notes are the best.

Independence is something that comes with time. And most of school life often depends on dependency on friends for notes, especially at the last moments. Case in point, when it comes to preparing for entrances, try making your own notes, shorthand or longhand doesn’t really matter, well, as long as you can prepare notes that can help get the basics straight, you can always work your way up the ladder eventually.

#5 Take small breaks between study sessions.

Breaks during sessions are quite important for stable learning in the long term. Thinking that you’ll finish a complete book (400 pages thick) at one go will only drain your energy more than you want to put in. As a result, it’s always recommended to take a well-timed break to relax the mind and let it settle back to the right state of learning and productivity.

#6 Prepare a calendar, especially when not much time left for the first exam.

Being organized often helps with success. Even with studies, it’s a pretty good habit to stay organized, by working your syllabus out according to a calendar that you’ve prepared according to your own valuable time. This will not only help you manage time better but also have a better sense of your learnings, making you more aware of things you should focus on.

#7 Stay Hydrated.

The last thing, always stay hydrated. Don’t underestimate the power of fluids, water in particular. Water helps with proper blood flow, which in turn helps regulate the mood and helps stay healthy and much focussed.

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