Campus placements are knocking at the doors while riling up the students and amidst this the resume becomes your potent ingredient for your mix to succeed as an interviewee. Teerthanker Mahaveer University through its CTLD department ensures that the students understands the necessity of the resume & are taught on how to make a perfect resume.

This key document summarises you and acts as a gateway to guarantee your chance at an interview, hence designing an eye catching resume is a MUST if you want the recruiter to consider & give you a call.

But how to put so much of information into one single paper?

Well to build a resume you need to start with jotting down your basics. Refer to the essential pointers to present a professional persona of yours.

Tip: A resume is the first impression of you, hence just like any recipe it requires the right information about you.

Key categories for resume for a Student/Fresher/Professional:

  • Personal info & photo (Professional passport style)

  • Contact details

  • Education

  • Skills / Projects

  • Professional experience/ Academic Achievements/ Internship

  • ATS friendly

how to make perfect resume

As one gets ready with summarizing this information, find some basic resume sample designs & templates to make one. Once you finalize a design try formatting it with simple readable fonts. Once you are thru with the format & layout of the resume comes the language part.

What to write?

Remember your resume is a professional document and should have crisp matter. Use adjectives to sound professional in the resume like Managed, Designed, Executed etc. Briefly explain the results that you garnered through incorporating your methodologies, or explain what skills or qualities you learnt and displayed from the particular role, project, training etc.

Also today the technical intervention has touched even the recruitment domain, through the help of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) the initial filtering of resume is done. If the resume isn’t ATS friendly then the probability that your resume is not even reaching the HR department and getting rejected by the ATS is higher. Due to this now-a-days resumes are frequently tailored according to the particular role & company. Checking out the job description before sending out the resumes would assist in customizing better.

Hence making an impression from the piling stack of resumes can be tricky but a clear, crisp and perfectly spelled resume would always keep the ATS & later the recruiter wanting to know more of you.

These might be the do’s but the dont’s are equally pivotal. So check out the ‘what-not-to-do’ list as well.

Things to avoid in a Resume:

  • Too much information: The basic & the highlights could be one interesting addition if you wish to list out your achievements. But writing paragraphs about your glories or projects is not necessary. Point out key words from that in 15 to 20 words maximum. (May differ a bit for technical role resume)

  • False information: Wrong details of your grades, participation, qualification etc is a crime, and could result in some serious consequences.

  • Grammatical or spelling errors: Bad grammar is outright a big turn off.

  • Unprofessional photographs: Easy spelling out would be that your work might not involve modelling kind of necessity so the selfies could make you seem a bit unprofessional.

  • Too lengthy: Keep the extra points for the interview, as no recruiter is going to read your entire word to word resume.

  • Shabbily structured: Haywire or chaotic resumes would not let the recruiter process the information easily hence rejecting one’s application if the application seems difficult to comprehend.

Follow these mindful strategies & tricks to build the perfect resume for you. Do let us know how many calls you received upon making your own brand new recruiter appropriate resume!

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