B Tech In Civil Engineering Programme

Fee Structure for B Tech In Civil Engineering Programme

Tuition Fee Rs 40500 /- (Per Semester )
Examination Fee Rs 4500 /- (Per Semester )
Lab Charges Rs 500 /- (Per Semester )
Enrolment Fee Rs 1000 /- (One Time )
Admission Registration Fee Rs 5000 /- (One Time )
Admission Processing Fee Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Convocation Charges Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Alumni Charges Rs 500 /- (One Time )
University Uniform Rs 0 /- (One Time )
Application Fees Rs 1000 /- (One Time )

B Tech in Civil Engineering Programme Scholarship

Scholarship for Jain Students:

  • All Jain students will be given upto 50% exemption in tuition fees and upto 50% in hostels fees for the entire duration of the programme.
  • Multiple scholarships will not be available.

Scholarship for Non Jain Students:

Scholarship Range Marks in qualified Exam All India Rank in JEE (Main) UP-CET Ex- TMU Student
10% 60-69.9% N/A N/A N/A
15% 70-79.9% N/A N/A 60% to 69.9 %
20% N/A 25001 to 50000 5001-9000 70% to 79.9%
25% 80% to 89.9% N/A N/A N/A
30% N/A N/A N/A 80% to 89.9%
50% 90% & Above 15001 to 25000 3001-5000 90% & Above
90% N/A Up to 15000 Up to 3000 N/A

Chancellor's Scholarship (For Teerthanker Mahaveer University Staff Wards)

For all Programmes except Collaborative, Dental and Medical 20% per Year

Special Scholarship for Meritorious Sports Aspirant of District/State/National Level

Upto 100*

Other Scholarship

  • Discount of 10% in tuition fee shall be given to the siblings of students studying / seeking admission in the university with the condition that it will be given to the sibling whose fee is lesser and it shall be applicable only on first year tuition fee and not on subsequent years.
  • 20% Discount in tuition fee(through-out the duration of programme i.e- from II to IV year) to the existing polytechnic students who take admission in B.Tech programmes of the University.However,such students shall not be eligible to avail benefit of other scholarship schemes being provided by the university.
  • Scholarship on case to case basis to differently-abled students will be given for entire programme.The amount of scholarship shall be such as based upon the level of disability (obtained from District Hospital) being produced.The details of the scholarship shall be shared subsequently once decided by the committee constituted for the purpose.
  • Multiple scholarship will not be available.

Programmes Offered for the Academic Session 2024-25

The B Tech Civil Engineering programme at TMU is designed to equip students with an advanced understanding of civil engineering principles. Spanning four years, the curriculum covers a wide array of subjects, including structural engineering, environmental engineering, and project management.

Before diving into the details, let's learn the acronym - B Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology. This programme is specifically tailored to impart technological skills and knowledge in the domain of Civil Engineering.

What sets TMU's B Tech Civil Engineering apart? The programme boasts equipped laboratories, industry-relevant projects, and a faculty dedicated to nurturing the next generation of civil engineers. With a focus on practical applications, students gain practical experience, preparing them for real-world challenges.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: TMU's B Tech Civil Engineering programme is a meticulously crafted curriculum. Covering foundational theories and practical applications ensures that students gain a holistic understanding of civil engineering principles. The emphasis on real-world projects prepares them for the challenges of the professional realm.
  • Laboratories: TMU takes pride in providing infrastructure, including laboratories for B Tech Civil Engineering students. These laboratories serve as hubs of innovation, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in a hands-on environment. From material testing to structural analysis, students have access to tools and equipment that mirror industry standards.
  • Industry-Based Projects: The programme goes beyond textbooks by incorporating industry-relevant projects. This not only enhances the learning experience but also equips students with practical skills. Engaging in real-world projects fosters creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability – crucial attributes for success in the dynamic field of civil engineering.
  • Experienced Faculty: TMU's Faculty of Engineering boasts experienced professors with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. The faculty's dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment ensures that students receive mentorship from experts in the field. The blend of academic expertise and industry experience creates a rich and engaging educational experience.
  • Emphasis on Soft Skills: Beyond technical know-how, the B Tech Civil Engineering programme at TMU places a strong emphasis on soft skills development. Effective communication, teamwork, and leadership are integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that graduates not only excel in technical aspects but also navigate professional challenges with finesse.

In a world where infrastructure is the backbone of development, choosing B Tech in Civil Engineering opens doors to a plethora of opportunities. Civil engineers play a crucial role in designing, planning, and implementing projects that shape societies. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is ever-growing, making it a lucrative and fulfilling career choice.

Success in B Tech Civil Engineering requires a blend of technical expertise and soft skills. From structural analysis to effective communication, students develop a skill set that goes beyond textbooks. Problem-solving, attention to detail, and teamwork are crucial attributes that employers seek in civil engineering graduates.

TMU takes pride in its Faculty of Engineering, known for its experienced professors and advanced facilities. The faculty's commitment to excellence ensures that students receive quality education and practical insights that align with industry standards.

  • Experienced Faculty : At the core of any exceptional educational institution is its faculty. TMU's Faculty of Engineering boasts a team of experienced and accomplished professors. These educators bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that extends beyond textbooks.
  • Infrastructure and Laboratories: The best education goes hand in hand with advanced infrastructure, and TMU understands this well. The Faculty of Engineering is equipped with modern laboratories that replicate industry standards. This infrastructure provides students with a learning experience, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: TMU's Faculty of Engineering adopts innovative teaching methodologies that go beyond traditional lecture-based approaches. Interactive sessions, case studies, and practical demonstrations are integral parts of the teaching process. This dynamic approach not only keeps students engaged but also enhances their understanding and retention of complex engineering concepts.
  • Research and Publications: TMU's faculty members actively engage in research, contributing to the body of knowledge in their respective fields. This research-oriented approach creates an environment where students are exposed to the latest advancements and are encouraged to think critically.
  • Industry Exposure and Collaborations: TMU recognises the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry. The Faculty of Engineering establishes collaborations with industry partners, ensuring that the curriculum remains aligned with the evolving needs of the professional world. Guest lectures, industry visits, and internships provide students with valuable insights and practical exposure.

Getting started on your B Tech Civil Engineering journey at TMU is a straightforward process. Prospective students can follow a step-by-step admission guide available on the university's admission page. From application submission to admission, TMU ensures a smooth transition into academic life. For further information and details contact the admission cell at 18002701490.

To secure admission to TMU's B Tech Civil Engineering programme, aspiring students need to clear certain entrance exams. Key examinations like JEE Main and UPSEE are essential steps toward gaining entry into this esteemed programme but are not mandatory for further detailed information connect with the admission cell.

Upon successful completion of the B Tech Civil Engineering programme, graduates have a myriad of options. They can step into roles such as structural engineers, or project managers, or even pursue higher studies to specialise further in areas like environmental engineering or urban planning. The scope of B Tech Civil Engineering extends across various industries, including construction, infrastructure development, and consultancy. Graduates find opportunities in government agencies, private firms, and international organisations.

Earning potential is a significant factor in career decisions. B Tech Civil Engineering graduates in India enjoy competitive salaries, with variations based on factors like experience, location, and the specific industry. The demand for skilled civil engineers ensures a favourable job market.

TMU stands out as an ideal choice for pursuing B Tech in Civil Engineering. With a commitment to academic excellence, advanced infrastructure, and industry collaborations, TMU provides a holistic learning environment. The university's emphasis on practical exposure ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world. Choosing B Tech Civil Engineering at Teerthanker Mahaveer University is not just a decision; it's an investment in a future where innovation meets infrastructure. The programme's diverse curriculum, experienced faculty, and industry-oriented approach make it a stepping stone toward a rewarding career in civil engineering.

  • What makes TMU's B Tech Civil Engineering programme unique?
    TMU's programme stands out for its practical approach, experienced faculty, and industry collaborations, ensuring students are well-prepared for the real-world challenges of civil engineering.
  • Are there specific skills that B Tech Civil Engineering graduates develop?
    Yes, graduates acquire a mix of technical skills such as structural analysis and soft skills like teamwork and effective communication, enhancing their overall employability.
  • Does TMU provide scholarships to the students?
    Yes, TMU provides scholarships to the respective students according to their financial needs and aid. For more information and details contact the admission cell at 18002701490.
  • What are the career opportunities after completing B Tech in Civil Engineering?
    Graduates can explore a myriad of roles as the field is vast and competitive, both nationally and internationally.