TMU Inter School Volleyball Championship 2023

Teerthanker Mahaveer University, one of the best universities in India, recently organised its Inter School Volleyball Championship. This three-day extravaganza was hosted by TMIMT College of Physical Education and aimed at nurturing young talents and promoting sportsmanship at the grassroots level.

Event Details

The championship took place from November 7 to November 9, 2023, at the Indoor Sports Complex on the TMU campus. The prestigious event was graced by the presence of Member of Legislative Council (MLC) Dr. Jaypal Singh Vyast, who served as the Chief Guest. TMIMT College of Physical Education, TMU Moradabad, took on the role of the host, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all.

Distinguished Guests and Attendees

The event saw the participation of eminent personalities, including Dr Aaditya Sharma, Dr Manjula Jain, Prof. Harivansh Dixit, Dr Harendra, Prof. M. P. Singh, Mr Avnish Pawariya, Prof. Manu Mishra, and several faculty members and students from TMIMT CPE and other schools.

Highlights of the Event

The championship kicked off with a warm welcome and honours for the Chief Guest and other guests. Dr. Aaditya Sharma highlighted the importance of sports in overall development, emphasizing the need for exposure and talent visibility. Dr Manjula Jain stressed that sports go beyond the field, with students participating in various university programmes.

Aim and Purpose of the Event

The primary aim of the event was to motivate students at the grassroots level, fostering overall development, and recognizing emerging talent. The championship, with 16 participating teams, also included a grassroots nurturing programme.

Words of Wisdom

Keynote speakers, including Prof. Harbansh Singh, echoed the sentiment that players should play with passion and teamwork. The Chief Guest shared insights into government initiatives, making it mandatory to provide jobs to players winning medals in international competitions.

Speakers at the event emphasized the importance of discipline, hard work, and participation. Prof. Harbansh Singh stressed the significance of playing with heart and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Message from the Chief Guest

The Chief Guest applauded the efforts of all players and teams, highlighting the importance of sports in maintaining physical fitness and overall health. The Chief Guest also commended TMU for organising such programmes.

Achievements and Recognition

The TMU Inter School Volleyball Championship was a resounding success, achieving its aim of motivating students, nurturing talent, and fostering sportsmanship. The championship provided a platform for emerging talents, and outstanding performances were duly recognised. Such initiatives contribute significantly to the holistic development of students, aligning with TMU's commitment to excellence. The three-day tournament received positive feedback, with enthusiastic participation from students, coaches, and spectators. The event's success showcased the university's dedication to fostering sportsmanship.